18 June 2024

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UN SDG Goals

News in brief: The US government is creating high-tech ‘spy underwear’

Daily News
| The European |

It’s a gadget to make 007 proud…and Q blush High-tech spy underwear that captures audio, video and geolocation could soon be worn by secret agents following a “technological milestone” in the field of electronic textiles. The US government reportedly invested more than $22million on its ‘SMART ePANTS’ program to transform shirts, trousers, socks and pants […]

Secret ‘007’ tunnels to become major London tourist attraction

Daily News
| The European |

A network of top-secret tunnels beneath central London that were mentioned in the first James Bond book could be turned into a vast tourist attraction, it has emerged The Kingsway Tunnels, which lie 40 metres below High Holborn station, look set to become an interactive ‘Heritage Experience’ complete with 007-themed exhibition. Originally built in the […]

Virgin Bride’s big day crashed… by Sir Richard Branson

| The European |

A British couple who met on a Virgin Atlantic flight were all shook up this week after their Elvis-inspired wedding was gate-crashed…by Sir Richard Branson Malcolm and Jacqui King-McKinnon were expecting The King to officiate Sunday’s vow renewal ceremony in Las Vegas. But they were stunned when the intimate service was interrupted by Sir Richard, […]

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