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CISO COVID 19 Resource Pack

CISO COVID 19 Resource Pack

Welcome to Lisbon’s world of ideas

Daily News
| The European |

A symbol of Portugal’s dynamic approach to innovation, Edu Hub Lisbon is set to become a focal point for the city’s business and education community  

Chinese thinktank proposes growth target of above 5% for 2022

Daily News
| The European |

China’s top government thinktank recently recommended the government set an economic growth target of above 5% for 2022 as the economy slows due to the persistent Covid-19 cases and high commodity prices

Germany boosts its climate fund with €60bn injection

Daily News
| The European |

Germany’s new government passed a supplementary budget to supercharge its climate and transformation fund with a debt-financed injection of €60bn to allow more investments in the shift towards a green economy.

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