18 May 2024

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UN SDG Goals

Pizza Hut enters burger business… with bun and patty-free mashup

Daily News
| The European |

Pizza Hut is entering the burger business – and reckons its debut offering cannot be topped The US chain claims to have “cracked the code” and invented the world’s best cheeseburger. Its Cheeseburger Melt is said to be a “better way to burger” because it has no “soggy” bun but two folded pizza crusts instead. […]

Saudi floats NEOM’s latest nauti-cool addition

Daily News
| The European |

Saudi Arabia has just floated its next NEOM project – an extravagant marina for 300 of the world’s largest superyachts The kingdom has announced plans to expand its $1.5 trillion megacity with a futuristic waterfront resort on the Gulf of Aqaba coast. Up to 6,000 residents will live in the purpose-built “cosmopolitan luxury community”, which […]

Award-winning Scottish restaurant reopens its doors

Daily News
| The European |

Following a two-month winter makeover, Scotland’s ‘Restaurant of the Year’ is open again to guests at one of Argyll’s most idyllic coastal hotels The Pierhouse Hotel & Seafood Restaurant at Port Appin is now gearing up for spring and summer visitors having expanded its kitchen facilities thanks to a significant investment by the owners. The […]

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