18 June 2024

Atempo.Wooxo joins the European Champions Alliance

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The European Champions Alliance (ECA) is delighted to welcome the French cyber security group Atempo.Wooxo as an official member. This membership is a strong encouragement for the actions of the ECA. Indeed, the sector of cyber security and secure data storage is an area where Europe is particularly active. This membership will help to strengthen exchanges on this subject in Europe.

The European Champions Alliance offers its members an in-depth exchange on developments in the European technology ecosystem and a platform for collaboration that will help accelerate the growth of European technology companies. The Atempo.Wooxo group is an important player in the cyber security sector in France and is part of the mapping of European cyber security start-ups and scale-ups players, which was published by the ECA on 28 July 2020. Like all ECA members, the group will have access to ECA focus group meetings and digital and physical events. In addition, the ECA will provide concrete support for European development through its network of experts, a newsletter, as well as investigations and reports on the latest developments in the European technology ecosystem.

Concrete support for expansion in Europe

Atempo.Wooxo joins the European Champions Alliance in the category “Start-ups / Scale-ups / SMEs”. ECA experts and Atempo.Wooxo teams will follow a work programme (workshops, networking, etc.) that will support the expansion of Atempo in Europe. The experts of the ECA network have more than 20 years of experience in international development in the European space. Thanks to ECA, Atempo.Wooxo will have increased access to the ECA network of mentors, experts and partners in order to accelerate its growth, visibility and scaling up in Europe. In addition, through its focus group on cyber security, the ECA provides the framework for independent exchange with other European companies in the field.

Luc d’Urso, CEO of the Atempo.Wooxo group, says about the membership: “Atempo.Wooxo is a strong supporter of the construction of a Sovereign Digital Europe and a committed player in the fight against cybercrime. Europe’s digital sovereignty would be inconceivable without a strong industrial sector and the emergence of European champions of cybersecurity and Cloud Computing with which they intend to be actively associated. It is high time for Europe to get back on its feet and take its digital destiny into its own hands. Only by joining forces to help build an agile, comprehensive and trustworthy European digital ecosystem can we challenge GAFAM, NATU and BATX”.

Andrea Vaugan, Managing Director of ECA: “We are particularly pleased with the membership of the Atempo.Wooxo group to the European Champions Alliance. We share common European values and the objective of strengthening the European technology ecosystem together. The cyber security sector is of strategic importance for Europe and we have a strong motivation to work towards greater cooperation between European companies.

For more information visit: www.atempo.com

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