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CISO COVID 19 Resource Pack

CISO COVID 19 Resource Pack

Just one in five offices has a hybrid working policy in place – new research from Ricoh Europe

Daily News
| The European |

Just one in five offices has a hybrid working policy in place

Half of counteroffers successful as hiring crisis continues

Daily News
| The European |

With close to 1.3 million job vacancies across the UK, and 9.4 million employees looking to make a career move before July, new research reveals that employers worried about retention may be able to buy time with a counteroffer

European markets fall as investors are rattled by worries about an escalation of Ukraine crisis

Banking & Finance
| The European |

The FTSE 100 in London dropped by 2.5% while the Dax in Frankfurt fell by 2.9% and CAC 40 in Paris plummeted 3% in early trading

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