12 April 2024

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UN SDG Goals

Seat-of-Your-Pants Thrills: Watch Megaship’s World-First Over-Water Swing Ride

Daily News
| The European |

The world’s first over-water swing ride at sea has been unveiled – but those with a fear of heights should give it a wide berth. Adrenaline junkies on board the MSC World America can experience the “one-of-a-kind, edge-of-your-seat thrill ride” when the ship enters service in April next year. The ride, called ‘Cliffhanger’, will sit […]

McDonald’s Scent-Based Ad Campaign Causes McFlurry of Interest

Daily News
| The European |

An advertising campaign by McDonald’s caused a Mcflurry of interest in the Dutch cities of Utrecht and Leiden The fast-food chain added the “distinct aroma” of its French fries to billboards in a bid to “target the noses” of passers-by and entice them into its restaurants. According to the brand, pedestrians could smell the “McDonald’s […]

Huge Navy drone has pirates and poachers in its sights

Daily News
| The European |

A pirate and poacher-hunting drone that can fly without a crew for 90 days using only the energy from the sun has made a “true, world-changing first” test flight in the US The Skydweller, which has a wingspan greater than a Boeing 747, took off and landed from Stennis International Airport (HSA) in Mississippi without […]

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