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Are Historical Fiction Novels Still Relevant?

Daily News
| The European |

We should all make time for historical fiction, says publisher Anton Tagliaferro, as it can provide important insights into the present world. By Anton Tagliaferro In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with information and entertainment from a variety of sources, from streaming services and podcasts to eBooks and social media. As such, the position […]

Emerging markets: Online learning for women unlocks economic potential 

Daily News
| The European |

According to a new report from IFC, boosting online education for women in emerging markets expands job opportunities and can add up to $14bn to market value  Greater access to online learning for women can boost economic opportunities for them, such as jobs and new skills, while potentially adding up to $14bn in value to […]

Fiber to repurpose paper mill for cotton recycling

Daily News
| The European |

Finnish textile technology company Infinited Fiber will invest €400m to repurpose a former paper mill into a new factory to convert used cotton into recycled fabric fibre, the company has said. The site will be rented from forestry group Stora Enso on a long-term lease and is slated for startup in 2025. It is expected […]

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