19 April 2024

Exness: a decade of innovation

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When the online trading world first opened its doors to investors from all corners of the world, little did anyone know the scope and capacity it had to transform the trading landscape, or the depth of opportunity it could offer anyone and everyone who wanted to invest their money. Online trading made an elitist industry accessible and placed education, rather than privilege, at its centre.

The advent of electronic trading signalled a new dawn for corporations and investors alike; for the former it provided a canvas to innovate and create unprecedented opportunities for its clients; for the latter it placed these opportunities directly in their hands, from the comfort of their homes. Exness has proudly found itself at the centre of this online trading universe, taking its first steps in 2008 and continuing to make its mark by catalysing change more than a decade later.

A history of milestones

The desire to set ourselves apart and simultaneously make a difference in the online trading industry defined our identity very early on. Exness was the first to set industry standards such as introducing instant withdrawal of funds, publishing financial reports with key statistics, and offering unlimited leverage* to clients who satisfied certain criteria. These standards played a crucial role in the years to come for all serious players in the market.

These milestones not only magnified the endless opportunities already available in online trading, but also added an extra layer of independence when it came to non-trading related transactions such as deposits and withdrawals, and a new level of transparency when it came to making company information and financial records public.

Instant withdrawals meant that clients gained full control of their funds, through the ability to withdraw any profit within seconds of making it, without the need of a financial department to process such a transaction. Taking it one step further, our decision to start publishing key figures such as our group’s funds, client funds and total client withdrawals, highlighted a new type of commitment to have an open and honest relationship with our clients and to back our position in the industry with data independently verified by Deloitte. Last but not least, the introduction of unlimited leverage gave rise to more trading opportunities and gave a newfound freedom to traders to use any strategy they wanted through the use of limitless buying power.

Partnering with the finest

As a leading global broker, Exness has always wanted to make an impact, showcase its spirit and leave its mark – not just in the world of finance. In 2017, we became the proud partners of Real Madrid, joining forces with a team that embodied a spirit of excellence, setting new standards and breaking records, just as Exness has in the forex industry. We are proud of our partnership with Real Madrid, not only because of our common ethos when it comes to professional excellence, but because of the socially conscious character that unites us.

Current developments

In September 2018, we launched the Exness Trader** app, our very own mobile application. Designed in-house by our team of experts it gives our clients the opportunity to trade the full range of financial products we offer, directly on their smartphones. The app also gives our clients the opportunity to make fast and secure deposits and withdrawals, reach our Support team via Live Chat, and complete their KYC verification. So far, we have recorded 250,000 installations of the Exness Trader app, 35,000 of which are new mobile registrations. An average of 4,000 real trades are placed daily and we see activity from approximately 5,000 users every day.

Alongside our mobile app, we have also launched a proprietary web-based terminal which focuses on making the user experience seamless and simple; through the Exness Web Terminal we offer our full range of products, quick access to our Support team and the ability to make deposits and withdrawals in just a few clicks. Overall, our aim with these products is to make trading as straight-forward and transparent an experience as possible, especially for new traders who are often left overwhelmed by the complexity of existing trading software.

What does the future hold?

Operating within a financial-technological framework can only mean one thing today, which is that developments are not only constant but also ever-evolving in nature through the use of new technology. This will always give investment firms the opportunity to be creators and innovators, by giving them fresh challenges to undertake and higher standards to reach. Exness is excited to be at the forefront of this dynamic and powerful industry, working year after year to deliver new products and services which ultimately aim to transform, customise and enhance the online trading experience for clients all over the world.

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