12:58 PM, December 9, 2023

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Breaking All The Rules: Bestselling Author RR Haywood

Daily News
| The European |

Meet RR Haywood, one of Britain’s bestselling self-published authors. A global chart-topper many times over, he credits his success to one thing: a passion for reading. Within the space of a decade, RR Haywood has risen to the status of one Britain’s bestselling self-published authors. With nearly four million sales worldwide to-date and more than […]

The AI revolution is here

Daily News
| The European |

The AI revolution is here – how can businesses prepare? By Vanessa Anness, Head of Consultancy, Ricoh Europe  The advent of accessible AI tools – such as ChatGPT – has led to a growing number of people experimenting with and adopting these technologies in their daily lives. As AI technology continues to evolve rapidly and […]

Metro Bank Shares Surge 19% Higher After Securing Funding Deal

Banking & Finance
| The European |

In a remarkable turn of events for Metro Bank, the British financial institution’s shares experienced a significant surge, rising by an impressive 19% following the announcement of a funding deal. The move has generated substantial excitement in the financial sector, as it reflects renewed investor confidence in the bank’s future prospects. In this article, we […]

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