5:31 PM, September 28, 2022

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CISO COVID 19 Resource Pack

Bank of Queensland goes live on Temenos Banking cloud

Banking & Finance
| The European |

BOQ Group completes the next phase of its multi-year transformation which will enable it to create outstanding digital experiences and help customers reach their financial goals GENEVA, Switzerland – August 18, 2022 – Temenos (SIX: TEMN) today announced that Bank of Queensland (BOQ) has gone live with retail banking services on Temenos Banking Cloud for […]

Authlogics de-risk investment in new security technology with money back guarantee

Daily News
| The European |

Password security management 4.1 will reduce password risk and helpdesk costs or money back Authlogics, a company that provides enterprise password security and multi-factor authentication technologies is incentivising organisations to take action against the worrying rise in breached passwords, with an unprecedented money-back guarantee for its new Authlogics Password Security Management 4.1. The latest version […]

Siemens and Awen Collective collaboration offers SMEs affordable cybersecurity solutions

Daily News
| The European |

Siemens has partnered with cybersecurity software company Awen Collective to develop a new, accessible and affordable, managed OT security solution for SMEs. The collaboration will allow businesses to buy into a managed security solution, protecting any networked, internet-connected technology starting from £10,000. Ordinarily, setting up and maintaining a security operations centre can cost a business […]

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