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Managing culture shock

Farnham Castle Intellectual Training discuss the best way for professionals to prepare for what will be one of the most exciting but challenging events of their working lives


Streamlining bank connectivity

As a multi-banking service provider, Fides implements innovative, tailored solutions that meet the needs of its clients and partners. Andreas Lutz, Head of Client Relations and Projects, has the details


World’s markets brace for Wednesday’s leap second

Financial markets around with world will open on Wednesday with a tinge of apprehension, not just because of developments in Greece or China, but because of an extra second. A “leap second” is being added to the world’s clocks at midnight GMT on Tuesday, which could test the extremely sensitive trading systems of the modern […]


Africa’s new dawn

Africa is being seen in a new light by foreign investors with opportunities arising across a variety of sectors, from mining to telecommunications. So can its nations seize the moment? Alex Katsomitros investigates


Luxury in the capital of cool

A city synonymous with culture and creativity, Berlin effortlessly embraces luxury into its ultra hip vibe, finds Sherelle Jacobs


Game on

Introducing game-like features is becoming an increasingly common motivational tool across the corporate world. But can personnel really be turned on to work in this way? Len Williams finds out


Africa: The big deal

With due diligence and the right expert guidance, investing in Africa is the way forward. Founder and Group Managing Director of Dunn Loren Merrifield, Sonnie Ayere, talks to Tola Odukoya and Henry Ekechukwu about accessing the opportunities on offer


Putting the “Hong” back in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s indigenous Aquilaria tree is on the decline, with damaging economic, ecological and cultural consequences. APC are on the path of restoration


Africa’s compelling growth story

Africa’s vast opportunities and considerable growth prospects make it one of the most exciting markets in the world.
Dunn Loren Merrifield Asset Management & Research Co. outline the continent’s current strategic position


ees Europe 2015 on course for continued success

ees Europe, the international exhibition for batteries, energy storage systems and innovative production, will open its doors for the second time on June 10. The exhibition is already showing signs of repeating last year’s success, with almost three-quarters of the available exhibition space already reserved. This tremendous interest highlights the potential of the energy storage market


Using data to gain transparency

ARI, the world’s largest privately held fleet management services company, supports their clients by offering the tools necessary to turn all of that data into opportunities to reduce total cost of ownership


Is Europe on the right track?

Ambitious but complex and controversial high speed rail projects will make Europe’s train sector one to watch in 2015. Sherelle Jacobs reports


Cautious optimism takes centre stage

Every January, at the small Swiss city of Davos, business leaders policymakers and high-flying innovators gather for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum to discuss the most pressing issues facing the planet. Alex Katsomitros rounds up this year’s event


The power to lead green energy in Asia

In meeting the many challenges that have made it such a success, Energy Absolute has developed the knowledge and technology to drive Thailand’s energy market towards a sustainable future