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PODA: A new perspective on events

From golf tournaments and gala dinners to beach events and safaris, Poda offers the perfect platform for all your outdoor needs


Virtually human

From apocalyptic novels to warnings from leading academics, Artificial Intelligence has always been a hot topic. Len Williams examines whether we really have anything to fear


What’s mine is yours

Critics argue the sharing economy is little more than a placebo for capitalism’s ills. But this is not how a new breed of entrepreneurs sees it. Alex Katsomitros weighs up the arguments


Making golf history in Mauritius

The success of the inaugural AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open highlighted the island’s ambition to make golf a big part of its tourism strategy. Harry Drysdale-Wood watched the event unfold


Doing good business

The continuing importance of CSR as an integral part of commercial strategy is good news, as long as actions speak louder than words. Finbarr Toesland investigates the policies and trends


Treasure island

With beautiful beaches around every corner, visitors to Mauritius could be forgiven for simply soaking up the sun. As Harry Drysdale-Wood discovers, that means missing out on rainforest treks and a rich cultural heritage


Uniting Nigeria

Before the discovery of oil it was agriculture that was the mainstay of the Nigerian economy. Mercedes Amézola meets Henry James Semenitari to discover why Unity Bank is focused on seeing the sector flourish once again


The wings of Oman

By constantly finding new ways to improve its service Oman Air is setting new standards in international air travel


Break-through with AX for Pharma

Your company can significantly improve its competitive position with the integrated AX for Pharma ERP solution. Andrea Ruosi, CEO, New Strategies, explains how


Managing culture shock

Farnham Castle Intellectual Training discuss the best way for professionals to prepare for what will be one of the most exciting but challenging events of their working lives


Streamlining bank connectivity

As a multi-banking service provider, Fides implements innovative, tailored solutions that meet the needs of its clients and partners. Andreas Lutz, Head of Client Relations and Projects, has the details


World’s markets brace for Wednesday’s leap second

Financial markets around with world will open on Wednesday with a tinge of apprehension, not just because of developments in Greece or China, but because of an extra second. A “leap second” is being added to the world’s clocks at midnight GMT on Tuesday, which could test the extremely sensitive trading systems of the modern […]


Africa’s new dawn

Africa is being seen in a new light by foreign investors with opportunities arising across a variety of sectors, from mining to telecommunications. So can its nations seize the moment? Alex Katsomitros investigates


Luxury in the capital of cool

A city synonymous with culture and creativity, Berlin effortlessly embraces luxury into its ultra hip vibe, finds Sherelle Jacobs