18 May 2024

DoorBird IP-Secure: The door communication of the future

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With seamless integration into existing home automation systems and massive security advantages, the DoorBird is so much more than an intercom

An increasing number of residential and office buildings are replacing analogue intercom systems with network-based IP door stations connected to mobile devices. The benefits associated with using IP door intercom systems, especially when it comes to integrating smartphones and tablets, is demonstrated by Bird Home Automation GmbH. The German company develops and produces IP video door stations in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards under the brand DoorBird. Access control systems, indoor stations, and accessories are developed and built at the company headquarters and production facilities in Berlin. High-quality IP door intercom systems made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel are its main focus. DoorBird unites timeless design with innovative IP technology in door communication.

Bird Home Automation has been a member of the ASSA ABLOY Group – a world-leading service provider of access solutions – since October 2022. The group plays a pioneering role in the fields of efficient door opening systems and automatic doors in particular.

© Bird Home Automation GmbH

Increased security with IP door tech

Compared to analogue door communication systems, the integration of mobile devices offers decisive security-related added value. Residents have much more control over what happens on their doorstep. Break-ins, for example, can be prevented, as IP video door intercom systems make it possible to simulate that somebody is at home. After all, break-ins usually begin by simply checking if someone is present. If someone rings the doorbell, the user is sent a push notification on their smartphone and can then answer accordingly, which is usually more than enough to scare off an intruder. Even if the doorbell isn’t rung, the built-in motion detector recognises movements in the door area or on the property and automatically communicates with the connected smartphone. Residents can then see on their phone screen who’s moving around outside the door and
also talk directly with this person. An IP door intercom system thus replaces an alarm system and prevents break-ins before they happen.

The intercom system of tomorrow

In contrast to IP door intercom systems, the performance of analogue systems has become comparably limited and no longer sufficient for many users. IP-based door intercom systems such as DoorBird open up completely new possibilities to communicate with visitors and remotely control home, apartment, and office doors. The seamless integration into existing building and home automation systems is a decisive advantage and gives customers a great deal of design flexibility. Various app functions make life easier and have become an indispensable part of everyday life. The app itself is continually being developed in order to meet the latest security standards – and go above and beyond the legal standards. New practical features are also being added on a regular basis, thereby ensuring IP technology remains fit for the future in the area of telecommunication. 

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Main image © Bird Home Automation GmbH

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