19 April 2024

Join the gardening revolution

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Recognising that the focus has shifted to environmentally friendly ways of caring for our gardens and lawns, STIGA has brought cutting-edge design innovation to the fore 

This year, the team at STIGA is proud to introduce cable-free, intelligent garden care with their brand-new autonomous robot range. Helping people everywhere achieve beautiful gardens with naturally healthy lawns, STIGA’s new range is the most intelligent robot mower to date. Featuring cutting-edge, predictive technology, the machine will make you rethink lawn care as it guarantees to nurture your grass and garden environment – and works completely autonomously, without any need for owner intervention.

At the heart of these machines is their ease of use – which benefits both the lawns and nature – and the energy efficiency of the design. With its new robots, STIGA aims to solve some of the most common problems of normal robot mowers, for example, loss of GPS signal, blocked radio signals, and lawn damage due to over-mowing.

A fully autonomous mower 

Designed by STIGA’s engineers to transform lawn care, the STIGA Autonomous Robot Mower is the latest in a line of products that have revolutionised the way people garden. Paving the way for a fully autonomous generation of lawn mowers, it is the first to combine GPS with STIGA’s patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology for a robust signal that prevents mowing stoppages and delivers a consistently smooth, faultless lawn nurturing system like no other.

 “Gone are the days when having a beautiful lawn meant hours of time manually tending to the garden – or having to keep an eye on what previous generation robot mowers were up to,” says Fabio Banin, STIGA’s lawn expert. 

“Our green-fingered engineers have created a truly autonomous robot mower using ground-breaking technology so it can take complete care of your lawn all by itself, with a reliable signal which means it always has access to the information it needs. From understanding where to mow to how often to mow, to knowing how to navigate garden obstacles and natural changes, it’s the first robot mower that can truly be left to do its job alone, leaving owners safe in the knowledge that their lawn is being nurtured in the most accurate way, for a naturally healthier garden.”

No cables required 

With no need to lay a cable in your garden, you can simply use the app to drive the robot mower around the perimeter of your lawn and avoid any obstacles within it. You use it once and it remembers every detail. Because it is virtual, it is hassle-free to adjust if the layout of the garden should change, or if you add a pond, new plants, or garden furniture.

AGS RTK GPS using cloud-based 4G signals

These autonomous robots are the first to bring predictive AGS technology to gardens, ensuring an organised and smooth cut, even on complex and challenging lawns. They can cover all zones of the lawn, avoiding over-mowing by passing several times in the same area, to produce a healthy luscious green lawn all year round.

The patented STIGA Active Guidance System (AGS) enhances the GPS RTK signal reliability by using 4G to transmit the vital course correction data. This means the link between robot and base remains reliable, no matter what obstacles or distance lies between the base and robot. The system learns satellite blind spots throughout the garden at various times of the day, ensuring that the robot has an unbroken link to the infrastructure that allows it to navigate with the high accuracy required.

Caring for wildlife 

By designing high efficiency robots that can manage cutting during daylight hours, STIGA have ensured that nocturnal animals such as hedgehogs can safely occupy the garden overnight.

The ultimate lawn care 

The four pivoting carbon steel razor blades, spinning at up to 2,850-rpm perform a neat cut every time without tearing the grass which is important for lawn health. In addition, the accurate navigation ensures the robot can cover the lawn significantly more efficiently. This means less cutting time when compared to a random navigation robot. Less cutting time allows the plant time to heal between cutting schedules. This way the grass stays healthier. 

Energy efficiency and sustainability 

STIGA ePower battery systems are not only strong but also very, very “smart”, from hand-held tools to walk-behind mowers to big garden tractors, with many of the products powered by shareable battery packs, allowing the same battery to be used within many products in the same cordless range. STIGA ePower batteries are built on premium lithium ion, reliable and durable. So, even after 1,500 charging cycles – equivalent to around four years of use – the battery still operates at over 80% capacity. 

Testing conditions for the STIGA ePower batteries is five times tougher than industry-standard requirements. This ensures the highest quality in terms of performance, reliability, and long-term battery health. 

Battery power is at the cutting-edge of lawn and garden care and STIGA has proved once again that they are at the forefront of this innovative cordless technology. For a cleaner, quieter, and kinder way of offering your lawn and garden some love, ePower is the way to go!

Because the Stiga ePower systems are so efficient, this in turn offers a much more sustainable way of lawn and garden care. It goes without saying that the longer the battery time, the less charging time is needed. The unique ePower system ensures longer battery life and excellent energy-efficiency by running longer between charges, so the lawn is properly cared for in just two cutting cycles per day, also allowing more time for the grass to recover and stay healthy. By introducing systematic cutting, with multiple mowing patterns and direction settings, autonomous robot mowers can cultivate healthier and lusher lawns. 

Designed, engineered, and made by STIGA in Italy, the new autonomous robots, A 1500, A 3000, and A 5000 are available from authorised robot dealers and through the STIGA website.


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