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How to implement sustainability marketing

Executive Education
| The European | 10 March 2022

As the problems caused by global warming become ever more apparent, there is no question that society is becoming ever more focused on these issues. Increasingly, consumers are making buying decisions reflecting these values. If they don’t like the brand values and ethics of a company, they’ll simply look elsewhere. Brands and businesses are pivoting towards sustainable marketing. If you implement great sustainability practices into your business, sustainability marketing is a fantastic way to get ahead of your competitors.

What is the Definition of Sustainability Marketing?
Quite simply, sustainability marketing is where businesses promote the use of environmentally friendly products/services and practices in order to bring more customers in to learn more about the business. With the environment being more important than ever, more and more people want products and services that are environmentally friendly, locally based and sourced or recyclable in some way.

The Difference Between Sustainable Marketing and Green Marketing
Many people often hear terms such as ‘sustainable marketing’ and ‘green marketing’ and often think they are the same thing. However, although they are similar, they have a few differences. Green marketing generally refers to reducing the impact that businesses have on the environment, whereas sustainability marketing refers to a wider scope of environmental and social impacts, making it much more important. So, how do you implement sustainability marketing?

Use a Long-Term Plan
For those that want to implement sustainability marketing for their business, they should know that it isn’t a simple fix, and requires a long time plan to enact successfully, especially if you don’t already have sustainability processes in place. Change doesn’t happen overnight. For example, if you plan to market yourselves as using 100% recyclable products in your processes (and in the products you sell themselves), it will take a long time to first source the recyclable materials, and then implement them into your current processes before starting the marketing campaign.

Be Specific and Consistent
When having a sustainable marketing campaign, you need to be both specific and consistent. By explaining one area in particular that is sustainable, your customers will automatically recognise that sustainable area with your business. If you’re not specific or consistent with your campaign, the audience isn’t going to remember the sustainability advantages that you bring.

Build Your Community
One of the best ways to utilise sustainability marketing is through leveraging your community. By becoming the face of your local community by taking part in sustainable events and charities, you can increase your brand’s visibility which will improve your revenue as a result. From the links you forge and the people you meet, you can collate a list of emails to contact potential customers. Email marketing is widely used to get customers acquainted with businesses, especially by showing sustainability aims.

Be As Transparent as Possible
The more transparent your business is in regard to sustainability, the more your audience is likely to trust you. You can show transparency by being clear as to what your production process, carbon footprint, and any other sustainable processes are. If you are not transparent, it will show to the customer that you are hiding something, and they may not 100% believe in your sustainability and may go with a more transparent competitor.

Final Thoughts
With the right plan, executed well, your business will be well set to capitalise on the advantages sustainability marketing has to offer. Done well, it will futureproof your business and generate great revenues. On a side note, why not use some of the revenue generated from sustainability marketing to invest in the emerging eco-friendly cryptocurrencies and check out crypto-robopro.com/tr.

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