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How SMEs are taking big strides towards improving recycling processes

| The European | 2 March 2022

In this time of climate change, it’s no longer enough for companies to exist in a bubble to sell products and services. They need to demonstrate their values and ethics to the public at large or risk being left behind by those that do. Consumers are increasingly making buying decision on the grounds of ethics as well as the more traditional price-point and service considerations. Demonstrating responsible actions towards our environment is a key measure for organisations of all sizes in these times. This article will discuss some of the ways in which SMEs are taking action to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint.

EMS systems
Through the implementation of systems such as the EMS (Environmental Management System), many companies around the world are committing to improving their sustainability in a big way. What’s more, up to 90% of businesses that have chosen to utilise an EMS to improve their environmental impact reported that it was an investment worth making.

The ISO 14001 is an example of an EMS which sets the standard by which companies are measured in terms of their practices and processes concerning their environmental commitments.

SMEs are making changes in this area to varying degrees. It might not be at the forefront of to-do lists for certain businesses (as they may operate in industries where eliminating pollution altogether is near-impossible), but attempts are being made. For instance, many SMEs are reducing the amount of solid waste they produce and release into the wild, certain companies are taking action on noise pollution, and some are making conscious efforts to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they emit.

For example, in one study, as many as 37% of businesses surveyed were found to have taken action that resulted in the reduction of air pollution and other similar forms of pollution.

Going Green
Through the introduction of sustainable solutions that harness natural, renewable energy (such as solar panels), businesses are demonstrating that it’s possible to operate in a greener manner, whilst also ensuring they remain profitable.

Saving Electricity
Many of these methods are things that we should all be doing, inside and outside of workplaces. By simply turning off the lights when they are not required, businesses are saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. Elsewhere, the introduction of energy-saving light bulbs and other similar energy-saving tactics will massively improve business sustainability.

Reducing Waste
A simple, yet effective method, many SMEs are making a conscious effort to considerably reduce the amount of waste they produce to improve their carbon footprint. Even simple measures such as operating with a ‘paper-free’ policy can vastly minimise the effect that businesses have on the environment overall.

Beyond simple waste reduction, many SMEs are also introducing or have introduced schemes to completely overhaul how they use resources, making sure that anything that can be reused, is reused. Simple measures such as the introduction of several bins for different purposes (paper bins, plastic bins, food waste bins etc) have now been brought into many workplaces to improve recycling.

Some companies have also outright banned the use of certain materials (such as plastic bags, paper etc) to not only recycle but also minimise the chance of waste accumulation from occurring in the first place.

Final Thoughts
If you run an SME and are looking to contribute towards a greener future, hopefully you’ll find these insights useful. Green investments can be rewarding financially – and if you are thinking of looking at other potentially rewarding investments, then you should consider taking advantage of the crypto markets with thecryptorobo.com/tr

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