19 April 2024

Making the right connection

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Not sitting back on its 50 years of service to the energy sector, Destec Engineering is undergoing major expansion to meet customer demand 

Engineering company Destec has been supplying piping connectors for the energy sector for more than five decades from its factory in Lincoln (UK). The company is a specialist supplier of high-pressure containment products, manufacturing a range of flanges, metal-to-metal seal rings and clamp connectors for the onshore and offshore energy industry. 

On-site services  

Destec also supply on-site services to the energy industry, backed up by a team of experienced design staff, who provide supporting calculations and stress analysis using AutoCad, Inventor, Cosmos M finite analysis and other in-house developed computer programs. 

Driven by quality assurance and following established codes for design modifications, Destec engineers are actively engaged in the development of their products which includes a range of portable machines to support Destec’s on-site machining service. A recent addition to the service machinery is the Destec PM20 portable milling machine, which is designed and built in-house at Destec’s production facility. 

Overseas markets

Destec connectors can be found throughout the world, and through its network of distributors, covering 17 countries, has great reach across international markets. An appointment earlier this year of a distributor in West Africa means it now has representatives within six continents. 

According to Ben Vincent, Global Sales and Marketing Manager: “Our recent appointment in Nigeria, which also covers Ghana is the first in Africa and finally gives us a presence in the region. This will provide us with a great platform to further promote our products and services in West Africa.” 

The worldwide reach has been key to Destec, with the majority of products being exported overseas. “Our principal clients are within the oil, chemical and petrochemical industries and power generation where high pressure containment solutions are required,” says Vincent. 

Destec’s range of products include single-bolt-connectors specifically designed for the harshest of environments. The GSB connector is purpose-designed for remote operations in deep water, enabling first-time connection. The guidance/pull-in systems supplied with the clamp are designed for use by Remote Operated Vehicles.

For subsea applications the GSB Connectors would be supplied with a combination of Molykote and Epoxy resin coatings. Designed for operations in the most demanding and ultra-deep water. 

Expansion plans

It has long been recognised that Destec has needed to expand its factory and workshops to meet the ongoing needs of its customers. Therefore, an extra 200-sqm of floor space is being added to the footprint of the existing facility to allow room for more state-of-the-art CNC machinery which arrives early in the new year. This is the fourth such expansion to the factory since 2003 and will allow the addition of new equipment into the business. 

“The final phase of the project is nearing completion and we have invested in more state of the art CNC machinery which is due for imminent arrival. These are exciting developments, and we are looking forward to improving our production capability and lead times for customers,” says Vincent, adding: “It also shows, during these difficult times, real intent from the company owners. 

“We are pleased that business activity is starting to return to pre-Covid levels, but we appreciate that we are still operating in very uncertain times. This latest project will further enhance our service to customers and put us in a stronger position in what is sure to be a more competitive market.”

 Vincent concludes: “The overall investment in the facility which is approaching £2m, will enhance the service to our diverse range of customers with increased production capability and reduced lead times. It will help us manage larger volumes and become even more competitive in what will continue to be a challenging market.” ν

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