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A revolutionary approach to FX trading

| The European | 21 April 2020

Forex is the largest market for trading operations, but such a large market is not without flaws. Sometimes the commission of brokers reaches 5% or 10% of the trader’s profit, which means hundreds of billions of dollars a day. If you look at the whole chain of a financial transactions, the number of intermediaries can be horrifying: your money goes through a local bank, which charges a commission for the exchange, and then “along the way” to the LP account goes through a broker and another exchange. And each participant in this algorithm makes a profit.

The next difficulties that a novice trader will face will be the choice of a broker, a trading interface and a transaction and deposit management system. Sometimes, in order to be different from competitors, brokers create more and more strange interfaces that can confuse the user.

To solve these, and many other problems of forex trading, the BRIDGE project was created. A decentralised blockchain solution solves the problem of intermediaries, as well as adding many useful features and getting the benefits of cryptocurrency trading in classic forex.

The developers of BRIDGE, having set themselves the task of becoming the most convenient broker in the market, created conditions for traders to easily move the deposit between markets, significantly reducing fees. The project is based on the Stellar blockchain and offers convenient tools for managing deposits and copying transactions of more experienced traders.

The BRIDGE ecosystem is represented by three products: OnePrime –  a platform for forex trading brokers that integrates BRIDGE or BD token; OnePamm – a platform for managing investor funds, which is led by the world’s best traders and developed artificial intelligence; OneClickCopyTrade – is a service for copying transactions of experienced traders, which, unlike classic services, allows you to instantly connect and securely exchange data.

The BRIDGE system combines the BD token, which is built on the Stellar blockchain. The coin serves as a universal tool for using all platform services, as well as for instant free transactions.

Using such a platform can combine several markets into one convenient ecosystem, and is a revolutionary solution for crypto traders who want to try their hand at forex.

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