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Bluefield Solar income fund signs power purchase agreement with Entech Leader Limejump

| The European | 17 October 2019

Leading energy tech company Limejump has signed a fixed price short-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Bluefield Solar Income Fund (BSIF), one of the UK’s major investors in the country’s utility scale solar PV sector.  Limejump will manage the power sale for a portfolio of four solar farms, through its pioneering Virtual Power Platform (VPP).  It is the first time that Bluefield has agreed to a PPA with Limejump.

This continual support for asset development increases confidence in the UK sustainable energy generation asset investment sector, building the way towards a Carbon net-zero future.

Bluefield invests in a diversified portfolio of solar energy assets, each located within the UK, with a focus on utility scale, ground-mounted assets. By signing this agreement with Limejump, and utilising Limejump’s energy trading systems and expertise in energy management, Bluefield was pleased to add Limejump to its PPA counterparties.

Limejump’s Vice President of Sales, Joe McDonald said: “This latest PPA agreement, with a one of the country’s leading renewable investment funds, highlights our ability to work with different types of asset owners, as well as different generation types and sizes across the full energy spectrum. We are delighted that Bluefield has chosen to use us to take full advantage of our Virtual Power Platform.”

Bluefield’s Group Finance Director, Neil Wood said: “We were impressed with what Limejump had to offer. They were competitively priced and being a part of Shell, are a strong and credible counterparty. We are delighted to welcome Limejump as one of our PPA off-takers.”


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