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Eletrotec + EM – power the premier exhibition for electrical infrastructure and energy management

| The European | 16 May 2019

August 27-29, 2019 | São Paulo, Brazil | Expo Center Norte

Eletrotec + EM-Power – is the premier exhibition for electrical infrastructure and energy management. It will take place at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, Brazil, on August 27-29, 2019. The exhibition focuses on technologies for electrical energy distribution as well as services and software solutions for energy management at grid, utility or building level.

Aimed at professionals and companies in the areas of design, assembly and maintenance of electrical infrastructure: distributed generation with renewable sources, aerial and underground distribution networks, transforming substations, street lighting, industrial and building facilities.

Eletrotec – powered by EM-Power – will be held in parallel to Intersolar South America, the largest exhibition and conference for the South American solar industry, and ees South America, South America’s New Hot Spot for Batteries & Energy Storage Systems. All three exhibitions are held under the umbrella of The smarter E South America.

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