18 June 2024

Master the art of forex

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Tbe successful in the forex market, traders need a broker to facilitate trades. Not all brokers are equal. Choosing a good broker can make all the difference where it matters most – your bottom line. A good forex broker will provide you with peace of mind, security and the best opportunities to succeed with your trading. Good brokers will provide you with key reasons to choose their services – these should include:


Education and training


The more informed you are, the better your trading decision-making will be. Good brokers understand the need to give traders as much timely information as possible. Education and training need to be provided for traders at all experience levels. Webinars, training, eBooks, articles and video instruction can all be provided to help traders understand the forex market.


USGFX take pride in providing a suite of educational platforms for its traders. Traders experience the USGFX advantage in education through:


• Regular blog articles keeping you updated on trading developments.


• A free downloadable forex trading guide.


USGFX Traders club providing structured education and personalised coaching from USGFX senior analyst Rob Clayton.


• Regular webinars and seminars.


Access to liquidity providers


Liquidity providers give brokers the freedom to buy and sell at any price. The more access a broker has to liquidity providers, the more flexibility they have in their dealing rates and spreads. This flexibility enables the broker to offer the trader the best possible trading price.

USGFX has access to multiple liquidity providers and gives traders access to deep liquidity pools.


Accessible services

Good service makes trading easier and enables you to stay informed at all times. Good brokers will make it their business to provide you with one-click trading enabling super quick execution orders, competitive spreads with low slippage, easy access to funds, 24-hour support and access to education.


Regulatory compliance

A good broker will ensure you are aware that they are registered with the relevant regulatory body. This should provide you with valuable assurance that the broker is reputable and reliable.


Regulatory compliance means that you can be assured that the forex broker is sufficiently capitalised to manage trading losses, holds your funds in secure segregated accounts, and upholds fair dealing practices to ensure your trades will be executed at the current market price.


State-of-the-art trading tools

To participate in forex trading you need a reliable trading platform. You will want your broker to supply you with software that is both easy to use and insightful, as well as having a range of features that make it powerful enough to meet all your forex trading requirements. Most competent forex brokers will offer clients demo accounts allowing you the opportunity to take their trading platform software for a trial run before signing up for a real account.

Metatrader 4 (MT4) is widely recognised within the forex trading community as the leading forex trading platform. The highly customisable platform is widely used by experienced traders. It offers a wide range of charting and back testing tools. USGFX has gone the extra mile, providing a suite of trading platforms that offer traders better options when trading. The USGFX Meta Trader 5 has more power and precision than the Meta Trader 4, offering an advanced trading system and signal platform.

The USGFX advantage


Good brokers provide these services and tools as a matter of course. The USGFX advantage consists of an outstanding trusted trading platform, educational training courses and a fully supportive Traders Club. This demonstrated commitment to educating and developing traders in order to achieve the best possible results sets it apart from all of its competitors.


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