Ukrainian Renewable Energy Community Unites under 100% RE banner

| The European | 6 February 2019

The Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform is pleased to announce the founding of its national presence in the Ukraine. The Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform Ukraine is the latest in a series of national focal points that will extend the reach of the platform into national contexts – political, language and economic – around the world.

In a historic event, the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy, the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, the Ukrainian Association of the Solar Energy, Metropoliya Group and PrJSC Myronivsky Hliboproduct joined together to initiate this Initiative. The new focal point represents a powerful opportunity to unite the various players in the renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy storage environments and reinvigorate related activities in the Ukraine.

The participating organisations were called on to unite by Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform Ambassador Ruslana, former winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, artist and renewable energy proponent. “Transition towards 100% RE isn’t something new. I think it’s more accurate to say that it is vitally needed for humanity. At the same time for Ukraine, it is both a way for energy and political independence. I believe, Ukraine is able to satisfy its total energy needs from renewable sources. Moreover, it even will be possible to export such energy in future”, – Ruslana said during the press conference announcing the event.

The press conference was also addressed by Mr. Stefan Gsaenger, Secretary General of the World Wind Energy Association and Executive Committee Member of the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform. “We congratulate our Ukrainian partners and in particular our Ambassador Ruslana for this crucial step that will not only unite the renewable energy community in Ukraine but also sends a clear signal to the world that the way for Ukraine to go is 100% renewable energy. With great pleasure we assure the full support of our global network for this crucial process.” Gsaenger stated.

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