13 June 2024

Clean power to sustain Peru

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Since ENGIE Energía Perú started operations in Peru 21 years ago, the company has shown an appetite to set new standards within the local power market. This has been reinforced in recent years through ambitious investment plans, diligent financial management and a client-oriented strategy aligned to achieving environmental and social goals. In addition to energy, ENGIE is now focusing on other services related to its core business. According to Rik De Buyserie, CEO of ENGIE Energía Perú and Country Manager of ENGIE: “With 21 years leading the electricity sector in Peru we are now prepared to offer a more comprehensive service in addition to energy. During the past five years we have consolidated our leadership, with $1.6bn investments contributing to becoming the company with the greatest and best mix of electric power plants in Peru. Nevertheless, ENGIE is supporting the global power transformation trend, and Peru is not the exception. We are currently focusing on expanding our portfolio of low CO2 power generation projects.”

At the beginning of 2018, ENGIE established Intipama, a solar power plant  in the south of Peru. It was the company’s first renewable energy project in Peru and has paved the way for many new opportunities that ENGIE is exploring.

Timely and strategically located investments have resulted in ENGIE establishing eight power plants across Peru. “By combining this [new power plants] with a sound business strategy based on a high value proposition for our clients, we have succeeded in increasing our market share year on year. By 2017 our company had the largest sales in the sector, despite of major investments made by the competition and energy over-supply,” explains Mr De Buyserie.

Today, leading mining companies are among ENGIE Energía Perú’s clients, as well as large industrial and service companies, and power distribution companies that enable the company to reach the Peruvian households.


Through the experience accumulated to date, the company is now expanding its range of services to meet new market needs. Mr De Buyserie continues: “We are combining power supply with new services, offering more efficient solutions to our clients, such as peak shaving, solar panels, cogeneration and biogas. Furthermore, we are expanding our experience in transmission line operation and maintenance services.

“Over the past 21 years we have realised that offering a reliable, high quality service at competitive prices, and with full respect for the environment and the community where we operate, creates a very attractive value proposition for our clients, investors and partners. We will continue heading in this direction.”

Electric mobility

ENGIE Energía Perú believes the production of renewable energy is just as important as its efficient use. In fact, one of the main objectives is not only to produce and supply power but also to help clients to make a more efficient use of such power. For example, ENGIE works with many cities around the world in the transport sector. Metropolitan transport is one of the world’s biggest consumers of power, with 90% deriving from diesel fuel.

In Peru, ENGIE is implementing the first green mobility pilot projects, so that electric transport may become a reality in Peru in the medium-term. A transport system that reduces CO2 emissions, while being more energy efficient and less noisy will be great for the community and the planet.

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