9:16 AM, March 2, 2024

Wild Energy Concert fuels 100% renewable energy cause

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Above: Ruslana | Agency of Ruslana

The WindEnergy Hamburg 2018 is the world’s leading expo for wind energy. On at the moment in – no surprise – Hamburg, this premier renewable energy event will gain colour – not to mention a very special soundtrack – through the artistic efforts of Ruslana, former EuroVision song contest winner and renewable energy proponent.

In a concert driven completely by renewable energy, the Eurovision star will perform a free concert to underline her personal message to the world: switch to renewable energy sources today.

Ruslana will entertain visitors to the WindEnergy expo today on the expo grounds.

During the performance, her dedication to and support for the renewable energy cause will be heralded when she is officially named Renewable Energy Ambassador for the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform.

“I am fully committed to helping the critical transition towards 100% renewable energy, and to the basic right of all humans to use renewable energy. Renewable energy is democratic energy, and energy for peace.” Ruslana has stated.

She will receive her credentials from Stefan Gsaenger, Secretary General of the World Wind Energy Association and Executive Committee member of the Platform.

“We are thrilled by Ruslana’s support for our cause: to boost renewable energy globally. Her international popularity adds a new dimension to the outreach of our global multi- stakeholder alliance.” Gsaenger commented.

The Platform – created by the key global sustainability organisations to publicise, support, lobby for and mediate the global transition to 100% renewable energy – will welcome Ruslana to the exclusive ranks of its ambassadors for renewable energy. Together the Platform and its members will work with Ruslana to increase the visibility of the renewable energy transition, with exciting and vibrant events planned for the next year.

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