1:47 PM, March 1, 2024

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UN SDG Goals

Why Russia Really Invaded Ukraine 

Daily News
| The European |

There are numerous accounts of why Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022 but here Russo-Ukrainian War expert Professor Jonathan Haslam exposes the TRUE roots of the Russo-Ukrainian War.  Governments share an alarming tendency to lock themselves into positions not entirely thought through when taken at speed, whether acting abroad or at home.   It may give immediate […]

How the pandemic began a new chapter in book promotion

Daily News
| The European |

Around half-a-million people are believed to work in the European book publishing market, which in 2021 – the latest figures available – released 575,000 new titles and generated €23.6 billion ($27.85 billion) in sales revenue. In a clear sign of its resilience the industry, which was devastated by the pandemic and its many uncertainties, is […]

The Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims Must Stop

Daily News
| The European |

Considered heretical by orthodox Muslims, followers of the Ahmadiyya Movement suffer a life of persecution and vilification. Award-winning writer and Islam expert Declan Henry highlights their tragic story and calls for an end to their victimisation. By Declan Henry Within the Muslim world, just as with Christianity, there are numerous divisions. Most will have heard […]

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