10:16 AM, September 21, 2023

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Equiti Group signs MoU with MK Enterprise Holding

Daily News
| The European |

International fintech provider, Equiti Group, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with esteemed Qatari holding company, MK Enterprise. Equiti Group is an international company with offices in London and abroad, offering 7 regulatory licenses to support their global client base. Equiti’s innovative and encompassing fintech portfolio focuses on delivering intuitive and deeply advanced solutions, […]

Roper Technologies raises 2023 profit forecast on increased software adoption

Daily News
| The European |

July 21 (Reuters) – Industrial software maker Roper Technologies ROP.O raised its annual profit forecast on Friday on robust demand for software, as automation adoption grows across industries grappling with labor shortages. Companies such as Roper have benefited from high demand for software from industries, including health and logistics, which are looking to enhance efficiency and streamline operations by bringing […]

How businesses can futureproof their AI strategies

Daily News
| The European |

GETTING AHEAD OF THE UK GOVERNMENT’S AI WHITEPAPER On the 29th March 2023, the UK Government released its plans to balance AI risks with innovation, taking its first step to harnessing the true potential of the technology. The AI regulation whitepaper follows growing concerns around the ethical implications of generative AI and the government’s commitment to […]

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