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Volvo’s bus plant in Borås powered solely by renewable energy

Valero Energy tops profit estimates on higher Gulf Coast margins

GCF increases climate crisis portfolio to $5.6bn

Foresight and EDF Trading enter into a 10-year power purchase agreement (PPA)

Volvo Trucks launches sales of electric trucks for urban transport

UK launches decarbonisation competitions as part of net zero efforts

Bluefield Solar income fund signs power purchase agreement with Entech Leader Limejump

Coming together for the climate

The European release their Autumn edition

Total partners with German pioneer Sunfire on highly efficient hydrogen technology

Astronaut Helen Sharman sounds the climate alarm in partnership with Ørsted

Germany expects tough EU talks on energy taxes to counter climate change

Natural gas accelerates climate change through alarming methane emissions

World’s largest offshore windfarm project opens base at Humberside Airport

IEA: world needs to embrace hydrogen

Sarasin cuts Shell stake, criticising its climate strategy

100th offshore wind turbine installed at Hornsea One

Erratic weather boosts energy demand, denting climate goals

In Vietnam’s booming energy sector coal reigns, but renewables play catch-up

Calls for a shift towards wind energy at the Wind Symposium & Community Power Forum

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