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The EU is considering a climate target for every decade

EU states ‘highly concerned’ by U.S. stance

Anticipated launch of hydrogen investment fund by energy industry veterans

Renewable energy shares in Germany rise

With EU support’s clean technology projects are lining up

Energy industry perceive a strong demand post-COVID

Oil draws back after reaching highest since March

Making Green Drive Irreversible

EU Countries are pushing for clean Hydrogen Support

Countries say gas deserves help as EU readies ‘green recovery’ fund

UPDATE: Suncor Energy escalates spending cuts & slashes dividend

Oil prices surge on last day of roller-coaster month

Why sustainability matters in the supply chain

Helping private equity to drive decarbonisation

The importance of a green agenda to social policy in Mexico

A green purpose to profits

SOURCE: Saudi Arabia buys stakes in 4 big European oil firms

POSTPONED: Intersolar Summit Brasil Nordeste 2020

Big Oil may have to break dividend taboo as debt spirals

UPDATE: Total steps up cost cuts and suspends share buybacks

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