19 April 2024

The smarter E Europe: Experience the new energy transition first hand

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The European photovoltaic and storage system markets are booming, and it’s full throttle for electric mobility and charging infrastructure. The political framework is changing, and new players, products and business models are taking the market by storm. There’s great need for specialist exchange, information and networking. The players of the new energy world are eager to network, make and strengthen business connections and join forces to develop project ideas and do business. And that’s exactly what The smarter E Europe, the continent’s largest platform for the energy industry, can offer. The innovation hub for new energy solutions is right on cue and provides solutions that can help the energy transition move up a gear. Taking centre stage is the further development of the energy industry through cross-sector, intelligently connected concepts, solutions and innovations for the efficient generation, storage, distribution and use of energy.

The smarter E Europe comprises of four energy exhibitions: Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power Europe. These will all take place from May 11–13, 2022 at Messe München. Both the exhibitions and forums plus their accompanying specialist conferences – Intersolar Europe Conference, ees Europe Conference, Power2Drive Europe Conference and EM-Power Europe Conference – will include expertise about decentralisation, digitalisation, sector coupling and energy supply. They will give you an insight into how electricity, heat and transportation will be interconnected in the future and the role sector coupling will play in the energy supply of tomorrow. The two-day long conferences will begin on May 10, 2022, the day before the exhibition launches.

Pioneers and innovative spirits in the energy sector will be rewarded with The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD as part of The smarter E Europe. The winning companies will receive a prize for their innovations and consequent important service to the industry and society as a whole.

Ready, set, solar
Intersolar Europe 2022 reflects the booming solar market, ambitious climate goals and growing competitiveness of photovoltaic (PV) production in Europe. You find out all about markets, technologies and financing for PV projects from the experts at the Intersolar Europe Conference. They will discuss trends such as building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), floating PV and agricultural PV. Speakers will share their experience in PV production facility planning, putting a particular focus on technology and cost competitiveness.

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Solar parks are important drivers of the PV market and are increasingly financed with partners in the industrial sector or energy industry through multiple-year power purchase agreements (PPA). The conference PPA for and with the Industry on May 12 will address developments in Germany, such as the role of green hydrogen for PPAs. Experts will also present projects and share their experience with citizen participation schemes and other models.

Focus on innovative energy storage systems and green hydrogen
The energy storage market is also growing at a faster pace than ever before. In the Global Energy Storage Outlook, researchers from BloombergNEF (BNEF) predict that global installations of battery storage systems will reach 358 gigawatts by 2030, with investments totalling more than 262 billion dollars. At ees Europe, companies will present innovative battery technologies and sustainable solutions for storing renewable energies. Power-to-Gas technologies are also rising through the ranks. With costs falling, the latter are set to become one of the long-term storage solutions of the future. Hydrogen has a capability that direct power supply without storage is unable to offer: It makes energy available regardless of time and performance. Green hydrogen will also be a special focus at Green Hydrogen Forum & Expo as part of the The smarter E Europe in 2022.

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Intelligent energy management and climate neutrality
What holds the energy world together at its core? This is also the core question at EM-Power Europe, the international exhibition for energy management and integrated energy solutions. It focuses on the efficient distribution and use of renewable energies as well as intelligent energy management for smart grids and microgrids. The exhibition stands for the integration of renewable energies into existing and new energy infrastructure and the efficient combination of solar and other renewable sources of energy, storage technology and electromobility. Numerous companies will present their solutions and services at the Focus Area for Climate-neutral Companies. Experts will be on hand to explain how emissions can be calculated, reduced and offset. This will also be a central topic at the EM-Power Forum. Each day of the exhibition will offer inspiration and practical ideas.

Players will be able to share their visions, challenges and solutions for the integration of renewable energies into the grid at the EM-Power Europe Conference. Experts will shed some light on the topic of the power grid on the first day of the conference, especially regarding the integration of solar installations, energy storage and the integration of electric vehicles (Vehicle2Grid).

Experience the e-mobility boom firsthand at Power2Drive Europe
E-mobility is racing ahead more rapidly in Germany than in any other European country. One in three newly registered electric cars drives on German roads, according to the market study from electric car data specialists, Schmidt Automotive Research in 2021. The boom is set to continue: The German government aims to see 15 million e-cars on German roads by 2030, and hopes for one million publicly accessible charging stations to be available by then. The players of the electric mobility market are ready and waiting for the rapid development – and they’ll prove it at Power2Drive Europe 2022, where they will present intelligent charging solutions, electric vehicles and innovative mobility services. Experts, key players and pioneers shaping the mobility of the future will exchange ideas at the Power2Drive Europe Conference.

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Both businesses and individuals who seek smart charging solutions with specific technical specifications and suitable partners for setting up and operating these will be able to do so at the conference. The updated Market Overview Charging Systems published by the exhibition Power2Drive Europe in collaboration with cosmix lists more than 250 products from 84 manufacturers. Anyone interested, be they specialists or newcomers, will receive an overview of technical specifications and in-depth information.

On site in Munich in May 2022 – online all year round
Alongside the exhibitions and conferences which will take place in Munich in May, The smarter E is available all year round in digital formats: Webinars with industry experts cover the full range of The smarter E topics and give insights into current trends of the new energy world. The weekly The smarter E Podcast  can be found on all popular streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Google or Apple Podcasts.

Renewable energies, decentralisation and digitalisation are bringing lasting changes to the energy world. The smarter E Europe 2022 links the industries and provides information about intelligently connected concepts and solutions for the efficient generation, storage, distribution and use of energy. The innovation hub for new energy solutions will take place from May 11–13, 2022 at Messe München.

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