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Taking fintech in Panama to the next level

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As one of Panama’s hottest fintech startups, Venmetro’s innovation is having a real impact for individuals and businesses across the region 

Venmetro is proud to have been recognised by The European as the “Most Innovative Lending Platform of the Year”. The Panama-based financial firm values the recognition, and also the business partners and customer relationships it has developed along the way. 

The firm thrives thanks to its loyal customers and the advanced technology that facilitates the loan process behind its success. Committed to best-in-class customer service and digital innovation, Venmetro is at the cutting-edge, and its highly efficient loan platform and user-friendly financial services is setting new standards in Latin America. The award from The European provides motivation  to continue to adapt, innovate and improve its financial solutions and loan application systems throughout its local, regional, and global community. 

Venmetro is among a host of successful startups to have blossomed in Panama in recent years. Established in September 2016, it takes pride in being a tech-savvy financial advocate that has helped revolutionise the fintech sector in Panama, primarily by the access and ease of securing online loans. Its diverse network of business partners and customers around the world has helped solidify Venmetro as a leading player and versatile finance expert experiencing rapid growth through continued enhancement of its digital financial platform. 

Products and services 

Venmetro offers digital lending and credit services, profile assessments, loan application guidance, favourable interest rates and payment terms, and loan pre-approvals – all of which is at people’s fingertips and can be accessed in less than a minute. Its business model offers personal loans with reasonable rates and lower monthly payments due to direct discounts from its borrowers. Venmetro applies an automated platform that simplifies people’s lives by speeding up the process and supporting its customers throughout the credit period.

Venmetro’s objective is to bring together financial insight and customer assistance with emerging technology and advanced solutions. The organisation strives to provide convenience, agility, and efficiency for its customers and position them for success by offering minimal costs, state-of-the-art software, and improved transparency to enrich the customer experience. Venmetro takes the time to research and understand existing and prospective customer profiles and integrates algorithms that take into account criteria like employment, education, occupation, and financial status. The company has instilled software to digitally receive and review loan applications, disburse funds, and manage every step of the lending process. The platform allows businesses and customers to save time, monitor the process, and generate loan terms with reduced costs and beneficial repayment options. 

Unlimited opportunities 

Panama is one of Latin America’s healthiest economies and most stable political and financial markets. The country’s tax benefits, logistical access to sea and airports, vibrant culture, and natural beauty make it an emerging powerhouse for profitability and unlimited opportunity. No wonder the country is home to a host of corporate headquarters. 

Panama’s entrepreneurial ecosystem continues to evolve with an influx of banking and venture capital expected over the next three years. With the fintech industry trending up, Venmetro does not underestimate the power, potential, and positive impact present in developing markets that may not have access to digital banking, online payment methods, loan terms and applications, etc. Venmetro has established a niche in Panama by providing people an opportunity to qualify for a loan and improve their credit profile, while other banks and lenders may reject such applications. 

As the country and LATAM region continue to flourish and the public expects and demands access to digital banking capabilities, Venmetro vows to embrace the opportunity and streamline its services for any and all who are ready and willing to adopt the technology. 

Fintech is booming around the world, especially in high tech hubs like the USA, Europe, and Asia. This innovative way to process financial services in a digital world is starting to become popular throughout Central and South America. Venmetro views this is key. The continual focus of the company is to promote fintech performance and success across Panama and the wider region. 

As a forward-thinking firm focused, Venmetro uses fintech to simplify the customer experience, provide efficient software and service, and optimise its agenda to facilitate financial activity across many markets.

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