20 April 2024

Telstra bolsters senior leadership team across EMEA

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Telstra appoints Rob Robinson and Gagun Gahir to spearhead growth across the business

Telstra, a leading telecommunications and technology company, has appointed two senior executives to new leadership roles as the company strengthens its offering across the EMEA region. As a key market for Telstra’s international business, the appointments will help drive growth across EMEA.

Rob Robinson has been appointed Head of Telstra Purple for EMEA and will oversee the entire local business including sales and delivery. Robinson was previous the Head of the Security Domain at Telstra Purple, where he led a team to deliver innovative market leading security solutions to protect organisations and help improve business outcomes.

Gagun Gahir has been engaged to lead Telstra Enterprise’s Sales across the Continental Europe region. Formerly, Gagun lead Telstra’s Voice Business in EMEA and the Americas, where she worked closely with customers to ensure strategic value in sales and the implementation of products. She was responsible for leading transformative sales across the regions and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders across the Wholesale and Carrier Voice arena. In her new role, she will be responsible for managing the entire Enterprise Sales team across France and the DACH, Benelux and Nordic regions.

Gagun is a champion for diversity and inclusion and represents Telstra regularly at industry panel debates on this matter in her function as Head of Diversity and Inclusion, International.

The two Telstra veterans have more than 30 years of collective experience in the technology sector and will play a pivotal role in leading Telstra’s EMEA operations moving forward.

Rob Robinson said: “It is a privilege to be able to lead a talented team, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. Being part of the Telstra Purple team gives us the ability to offer a far greater range of services to our customers in the EMEA region and focus on the delivery of solutions to meet customer requirements and desired outcomes. We have always been about combining people, purpose, and technology to achieve truly excellent results and goals. I am looking forward to stepping into my new role which will begin to shape a new chapter for Telstra Purple in EMEA, and help the company and our customers with their onward growth.”

Gagun Gahir said: “One of Telstra’s greatest strengths is our international network and our ability to serve European customers who are looking to connect to APAC and other corners of the globe. I’m excited to embark on this new role and bring Telstra’s innovative, pioneering solutions to the market.”

These new appointments will help steer Telstra’s growth as the company looks to further expand its offering in the EMEA region.

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