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Yotta expands operational team to meet customers’ growing digital demands

| The European | 29 April 2021

The asset management and services provider has made 12 new appointments following increasing demand for digital services

Yotta, the leading global connected asset management and services provider, today announces 12 new hires across its marketing, support, sales, development and consulting functions to support its growth strategy, as well as 24 projects secured with local authorities across highways, streetlights and waste services.

With factors such as Covid-19 restrictions driving customer demand for digitised services, Yotta continues to hire for a range of roles, seeking new developers, waste consultants and project managers to expand its growing and talented team based in Leamington Spa.

Yotta’s success in the last six months has been underpinned by 12 new highways projects and a streetlight project for Highways England. The organisation has benefitted from growth in London, Wales and Australia. Yotta received a enterprise order from the London Borough of Newham, with the project involving the rollout of Alloy, its mobile asset management platform, to seven service areas in the region, helping to support the citizens of the borough. Additional migration from Yotta’s Mayrise solution to it’s Alloy solution has also taken place in the Isle of Anglesey, Wales, while Yotta’s highway asset maintenance management software, Horizons, has been utilised in cities in the New South Wales area of Australia.

“The economic climate created by the Covid-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented strain on local authorities, particularly in terms of budget cuts, while lockdown restrictions have had further implications for customers being unable to travel to their local authority offices to raise concerns or issues about services. This has accelerated the digital rollout of platforms to local citizens for them to engage more easily with local authorities,” said Nick Smee, CEO at Yotta.

Following a period of positive expansion for the business, Yotta has ambitious growth plans for the second half of its financial year, with plans to move into supporting the other service areas of its existing customers, such as maintenance of playgrounds, trees and street cleansing, while creating new partnerships with other local authorities. The organisation is also looking to expand its support of councils with software and services to support the rollout of electric vehicle charging points, while strategising its commercial opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

Smee also added, “Although we’ve experienced a fantastic last six months in terms of new hires and partnerships, we expect our opportunities to widen even further in the future, particularly as our customer base moves from on-premise to secure cloud solutions and expands more into mobile applications. As a result, we’re becoming increasingly more involved in collaborating with councils on customer relationship management platforms and citizen-facing platforms, while aligning our growing teams to deliver world-class solutions.”

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