25 May 2024

New style, same values

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An interview with Ali Heder, Chief Marketing Officer of FBS

FBS is a globally-renowned brokerage company, with clients from over 150 countries benefiting from a range of cutting-edge trading tools and transparent conditions. The company has recently revamped their products and introduced a range of stylish new features to help traders achieve the best possible experience. The European spoke to Ali Heder, Chief Marketing Officer of FBS, about the enhancements and also how the company has navigated a tricky year.

FBS has been prominent in the market for over 12 years, so what prompted the redesign of the company’s products?

Ali Heder: The world is changing rapidly, it’s becoming more digitised and we want to keep up with these changes. Adapting to new trends and technology is integral to developing as a company, and these enhancements are another step towards providing our clients with the perfect service.

FBS has several products with functions that suit different requirements. The revamped products now have new icons and colours that help users make quicker and more accurate decisions. The new look is the result of significant research into the latest financial technology and guarantees a flawless user experience.

FBS is highly regarded for the accessibility of its products and services. What makes the company so strong in this area?

FBS is not just a brokerage company. It is an ecosystem of products, each of which is aimed at clients with different needs. For instance, FBS Personal Area is an e-cabinet with essential information on balance, accounts, and performance. There are web and app versions to make the trading experience accessible to any trader. Then we have the FBS Trader app: an all-in-one trading platform for traders who demand market access from any place at any time. Finally, FBS CopyTrade is an app for those who like to achieve progress simply by copying traders and tracking their performance.

In creating a new style for our products, we wanted to ensure that the various icons clearly define the purpose of each application. For example, the number of candlesticks in the FBS Trader icon indicates the number of steps a client has taken on their path to trading success. The CopyTrade logo reflects the purpose of the application – copying the actions of successful traders.

As we developed the products, we were highly appreciative of our clients’ feedback, and this helped us to meet all their various requirements. What makes us so strong is how hard we are working to provide the best service possible.

Apart from the new style, how has FBS evolved over recent years?

FBS began operations in 2009 and has not slowed down since. Each year has brought positive developments and 2020 was no exception. We launched a wide range of cutting-edge promos for our clients, obtained several significant licenses, such as a CySEC for clients in Europe and a license from ASIC for Australia. Furthermore, we added a cashback option for traders in the FBS Trader app and risk-free investments for CopyTrade users. Of course, I have not mentioned all the updates and useful features. There are many of them.

2020 was a tough year. What challenges did FBS face? And how did you adapt to this fast-paced environment?

Despite the turmoil, 2020 turned out to be a year where new opportunities came to the fore. Some of our clients unfortunately lost their jobs but we were able to provide them with opportunities to continue earning money while staying at home with their families. The market was volatile due to the global economic and political climate, which boosted our traders’ profits. Although the year was remarkably difficult, we did our best to support our clients.

There were some success stories for the company as a whole. At the very beginning of the year FBS became an official trading partner of FC Barcelona. But when the pandemic started, we reorganised quickly, focused on large-scale bonuses, charity events, and product improvements.

Sounds comprehensive. What about the plans for the future? Are you preparing any trend-setting features or products?

We have big plans for the new decade and 2021 in particular. For example, we have gained real traction in Australia and our ASIC license shows that we have been moving in the right direction and growing steadily. We are not going to stop! Over 16 million clients trust FBS, and we want to increase this number. In 2021, FBS has already received four prestigious awards from The European and this inspires us to keep working hard to deliver for our clients.

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