11:02 AM, March 2, 2024

The SIFCA group reaffirms its commitment to “zero deforestation”

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The SIFCA group and Satelligence have signed a partnership agreement for satellite monitoring of deforestation plantations of said group

More specifically, for the group, a major player in the agro-industry in Africa, it is a question of establishing a reference database of the state of forests on its agricultural units and raw material supply areas.

This system will make it possible, among other things, to map the forest cover in real-time, to prevent the risk of deforestation due to the non-rational management of natural resources by village communities, and to alert and act proactively in order to preserve the natural heritage.

The contract, which covers the scope of Siph group, Palmci and Sucrivoire, subsidiaries of the group, will extend over two years.

During this time, Satelligence will be able to establish a complete visualization of the forest cover and also lead the training of employees in the use of this monitoring system. With this new partnership, the group reaffirms its commitment to “Zero deforestation”.

In June 2020, SIFCA and the Ministry of Water and Forests signed a public-private partnership for the rehabilitation and preservation of the forest cover of Côte d’Ivoire. Proparco has supported SIFCA Group’s development since 2006 through several financings and technical assistance programs. In 2020, Proparco committed to supporting SIFCA for the development and implementation of this satellite monitoring project.

“Our goal at Satelligence is to join companies around the globe in the fight to end deforestation”, says Satelligence CEO Niels Wielaard. “By providing SIFCA with satellite-based information, the company will be able to take action on the ground and engage with local teams to mitigate environmental issues before they materialise. In partnering with SIFCA, we aim to help the company achieve its commitment to “Zero deforestation.”

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