11:05 AM, March 2, 2024

Atempo announces the launch of Miria 2020

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Atempo, the European leader for professional digital protection and movement solutions with an international presence, is delighted to announce the launch of Miria 2020, its software platform dedicated to the management of very large volumes of unstructured data to meet the needs of its customers and partners in terms of data protection, movement and availability.

Digital transformation is revolutionising all industries today and generating exponential amounts of data. According to IDC, the global volume of data will multiply by a further 3.7 between 2020 and 2025, then by 3.5 every five years until 2035, to reach the dizzying sum of 2,142 zettabytes. Companies face massive storage challenges: server power, large data management solutions, the growing number of unstructured files.

New features to meet the requirements of companies in terms of Data Management

To help companies to manage the growing data flows, Atempo has updated its flagship solution Miria 2020, and strengthened its technological partnerships to offer a robust solution capable of managing billions of unstructured data files between heterogeneous storages.

Among the new features of Miria 2020:

  • FastScan for Lustre: Today, many HPC/Big Data organisations using Lustre as their primary file system simply do not have a data protection solution in place, given the complexity of the file system. Traditional solutions quickly reach their limits with file tree scanning times that can last indefinitely depending on the volume of data to process. Atempo has developed a new FastScan connector for Lustre distributed file systems to perform efficient incremental data movement operations (backup, archiving, migration …). The intelligence of the solution makes it possible to collect all system events over time and to keep a history of what has changed since the last operation. To do so, Atempo has worked closely alongside WhamCloud and DDN, two companies involved in the maintenance and development of Lustre, to meet the needs of large heterogeneous storage environments.

  • Cloud / Object storage as source: Miria is an excellent choice to orchestrate data movement operations in heterogeneous technological environments. Miria 2020 improves the existing functional coverage by offering the ability to launch backup, archiving, or migration tasks directly from Cloud storages or object storages. Check our latest compatibility guide for data movement destinations.

This functionality covers the following use cases:

  • Protection of object storage data on site
    • Archiving from on-site object storage to optimize costs
    • On-premises NAS migration to the Cloud
    • Migration from the Cloud to on-site object storage (Reverse Cloud)
  • New interfaces for end users: After Lina, Miria for Migration, and Tina, it’s Miria for Archiving’s turn to appear with a new interface: intuitive, efficient, and rapid with the user experience (UX) issued from a collaboration with a group of users to ensure that their needs matched the new interface.
  • Support for ARM platforms: considered today as a must-have architecture like Intel platforms, the ARM platform is now supported by Miria 2020.

The partnership with our technological alliances significantly stimulates the development and improvements of our solutions. This new release, which addresses core Cloud and HPC data streams, will strengthen Miria’s position as a leading solution for all major data migration, archiving and backup projects.” explains Louis-Frédéric Laszlo, Director of Product Management at Atempo.

It is imperative for Atempo to meet the needs of our customers, whatever their specificities. To achieve this, we have forged strong technological partnerships, particularly with DDN and WhamCloud. Our goal is to constantly improve our solutions by providing our customers and partners with the most innovative and efficient technologies in the fields of Data Protection and Data Management.” concludes Luc d’Urso, CEO of Atempo.

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