24 April 2024

Atempo: Extended Free Access to Sovereign Cloud Protection

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At the start of March, Cédric O, Digital Industry Minister, invited Tech players to provide their solutions to ensure the continuity of activity for public and private entities during the crisis period. 

The Open Solidarity program, an OVHcloud initiative launched a few days later providing a platform for partner SaaS offerings free of charge for 3 months. 

With a resurgence of cyber criminality and to remove the inherent vulnerabilities that come with home working, Atempo, European leader for professional backup solutions, immediately decided to contribute to support this act of solidarity. 

Thanks to the tireless work of both companies – both members of the FrenchTech120- a free, 100 % sovereign cloud backup service was created. Under the label ‘‘FranceCyberSecurity’and ‘‘As used by the French Armed Forces’’, accessible without conditions, the service came online under the name of Lina Cloud Backup as of 26 March. Almost three months later, even if the lockdown is easing in many European countries, many firms are maintaining home offices to avoid employees having to commute and reduce the presence of too many people on company premises which helps lower the potential for a repeat epidemic. 

Atempo has taken the decision to extend its Lina Cloud Backup solution as part of the Open Solidarity initiative for free until 15 September.   

“This unprecedented crisis has required massive mobilization of so many organizations. It would be tragic to see our combined efforts come to nothing following a cyberattack. OVHcloud and Atempo share the same values. It was unimaginable for us to leave firms stuck for help midstream. This is why we want to accompany them until September”, explained Luc d’Urso, CEO Atempo. 

“We salute the trust and investment shown by Atempo within the Open Solidarity initiative. Our partners share the same goal and wish to extend the solidarity efforts began two months ago. Thanks to these partners, we will extend the free access to over 50 solutions until 15 September”, Michel Paulin, Managing Director OVHcloud. 


For more information visit: www.atempo.com 

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