13 April 2024

New innovation helps measure sustainability impact of IT products

| The European |

TCO Development has extended their online Product Finder to now include measurable sustainability performance data for certified products in order help purchasers make more sustainable and informed product choices. 

In numerous organisations IT products are crucial, however they come with both social and environmental risks. For a growing number of organizations, sustainability is of strategic importance and purchasers are calling for more and better sustainability data for the products they buy. 

The latestest functions in Product Finder allow purchasers to access detailed information on IT products certified according to TCO Certified, such as the percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic content, product weight, energy consumption and battery cycles. It is also possible to calculate CO2 emissions and energy costs in the use phase. Product Finder users can then export the data to use in their own measurement, reporting and communication efforts. 

“Measuring the impact of the products you buy and use is critical for any sustainable procurement program. The new functions in our Product Finder offer purchasing organizations a way to do just that,” says Clare Hobby, Global Director of Purchaser Engagement at TCO Development. 

When a product is certified according to the criteria and independent verification system in TCO Certified, robust and reliable product specific data is generated. Through Product Finder, data then becomes available to purchasing organizations and can be used in their decision making, communication and sustainability reporting. 

“Proof and measurement are key for driving sustainability. Placing trust in unverified product claims can put purchasing organizations at risk of greenwash. In addition to the verification in TCO Certified, the new Product Finder features offer measurable data to purchasers wishing to talk about the sustainability impact of the IT products they use,” Clare Hobby continues. 

With more than 3,500 products currently certified, Product Finder helps purchasers make more sustainable choices for the IT products they buy. 

“By asking for TCO Certified when procuring IT products, you give an incentive for the IT industry to implement more sustainable practices,” Clare Hobby concludes. 


For more information visit: tcocertified.com 

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