19 April 2024

Global technology solutions from the Isle of Man

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Manx Telecom is so much more than just the leading operator serving consumers and local businesses on the Isle of Man. With its recent launch of an MVNO in the UK, acquisition of a UK based IT managed services business, and its development of a world-class enterprise managed services business, the Isle of Man-based company is now casting an increasingly big shadow. Always expanding its repertoire, Manx Telecom is now serving finance, eGaming, blockchain, eSports, insurance and businesses in other sectors all around the world. 

The recent launch of the Audacious MVNO in the UK is a perfect example. Audacious uses the world’s first medically certified technology to personalise mobile calls based on each user’s unique hearing profile. It is a life-changing solution for consumers with a range of hearing needs. The technology, which was incubated and tested on the Isle of Man (and launched as MT clearSound), has massive global potential. A number of European telcos are interested in licensing and deploying the technology.

“Innovation is in our DNA,” says Gary Lamb, Manx Telecom’s CEO. “Our Isle of Man location – combined with our world-class communications infrastructure, global connectivity, expertise and agile business structure – is an ideal test bed and launch pad for new technology.”

In addition to connecting 37,000 homes and 4,000 businesses, Manx Telecom own and operate three data centres (two of which are purpose-built Tier 3 designed) that provide the highest level of resilience, security, and expandable hosting capacity in the Isle of Man. 

A wide variety of solutions are offered, ranging across business continuity, cloud hosting, co-location hosting, and managed services. This, combined with international connectivity, investment in 1 Gbps FTTP, and the company’s Global Solutions division which provides five million SIMs worldwide – creates a firm foundation from which the business can bring innovative solutions to market. 

Earlier this year Manx Telecom acquired IT infrastructure and managed services provider Synapse360, and Manx Telecom’s incubator and development business Vannin Ventures recently invested in Trak365, the UK start-up focused on
IoT technology. 

“Manx Telecom is much more than a telco,” says Mr Lamb. “We’re a technology-enabler powering the island’s growing status as a hub for global business. For any technology startup looking to bring a brilliant idea to market, there’s nowhere in the world better to do that than the Isle of Man.”

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