12 April 2024

Nine miles by five of ambition

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The conversation about Jersey is changing. Covering just nine miles by five, this island in the English Channel is internationally renowned as a finance centre, but the work we’re doing in our digital sector is being noticed globally, too. On a recent visit to the United States, ears pricked up in their Department of Commerce when I spoke about Worldpay – the payment processing giant – and explained how it started life as a Jersey start-up. That it recently merged with FIS to create a $43bn giant speaks volumes about our potential.

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange chose Jersey as its first European base to launch, citing our well-regulated environment and our fleet-of-foot approach to getting things done as key reasons for their decision to open here ahead of other jurisdictions.

And, wherever I go, there is genuine amazement at our ultrafast fibre network, which means every home and office in Jersey is directly connected and online at speeds among the fastest on the planet.

But this also positions us as a smart choice for businesses and investors looking for the perfect location to trial new products and services. Our Sandbox Jersey proposition offers easy access to a clearly defined testbed comprising our 100,000-strong population, world-class infrastructure and a regulatory regime that is responsive to the ever-changing needs of industry – as well as government and business partners whose ethos is based on opening doors and getting things done, rather than putting up barriers. And because we are doing all of this in a location that sits in a technology ‘Goldilocks Zone’ – large enough to have in place that world-class infrastructure, while being small enough to be nimble and agile – we are getting noticed and attracting entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses as well as academic research bodies wanting to make world-changing breakthroughs.

Take a moment to watch our new Sandbox Jersey video showcasing all the island has to offer. You’ll find it at the website listed below.

Where else could you start your day with a stroll on the beach or end it going for a surf before sunset, and all within minutes of the businesses, agencies, professional services providers and government departments that stand ready to help?

Nine miles by five of ambition, opportunity, skill and success. Watch the video. Get in touch. Pay us a visit. And see for yourself why the conversation about Jersey is changing.

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