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| The European | 30 July 2019

PatWorld is a new and innovative patent search tool that has been developed by experienced patent research specialists to be simple enough for novice searchers, yet comprehensive enough to meet the needs of professional searchers. Driving this innovation is Dean Parry, Technical Director of PatWorld, who explains: “With extensive experience of using free, online search tools and complex commercial databases, we identified the need for a search database that incorporates powerful search and analysis tools with enhanced usability and design.”

The heart of PatWorld centres around an intuitive search form providing the user with all the tools required to extract the results they need from over 115 million indexed patent documents, covering multiple territories and languages.

Having presentable, well-structured data is a priority and the user interface has been developed to maximise the display of data, enabling users to efficiently navigate and analyse results. PatWorld will also feature a machine translation tool.

Users can record a history of their searching and store these in separate project folders that can be accessed over multiple accounts for collaborative working.

Within project folders, users can rate and comment on results for future reference and access a number of analysis tools that will help uncover trends and provide insight into changing technology landscapes. A report generator tool will allow users to quickly generate customisable professional reports ensuring that users can present their data as efficiently as possible.

Mr Parry continues: “We have drawn on over 100 years of combined patent searching experience to develop tools and features that allow users to achieve the most out of their searches. Furthermore, our expert searchers are always thinking of innovative, new features for PatWorld, and our dedicated development team aim to continuously update it with new features on a regular basis.”

Most importantly, access to PatWorld will be available through a variety of subscription models, giving users the freedom to manage their subscriptions according to their search needs. We believe that PatWorld is taking steps towards revolutionising patent searching, providing flexible access to professional search tools through a simple, intuitive user interface.

Patworld’s interface

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