13 April 2024

SIA and Market In sign agreement for a new in-store digital payments infrastructure in Greece

| The European |

The initiative aims to further enhance the efforts to modernize payments infrastructure in the country and foster a new culture of digital and instant payments

SIA, the leading European hi-tech company in the payment services and infrastructures sector, through its wholly-owned subsidiary New SIA Greece, has reached a five-year agreement with Market In, one of Greece’s leading retailers, to provide a new payment technology infrastructure and to manage the processing of card transactions.

The infrastructure developed by SIA further strengthens Market In’s client-oriented vision by combining services quality with fast, efficient and secure transactions, aligned with the global market’s latest trends in digital payments.

The partnership will enable customers to tap into over 1,000 innovative POS terminals, also able to accept contactless cards payments, in Market In’s 188 supermarkets, including seven “Daily’s Convenience” stores.

The implementation of the new technology infrastructure introduces a series of innovative features combining convenient daily operation and maximum security, while they also provide for a number of additional benefits for Market In’ customers. SIA’s cutting-edge POS terminals minimize transaction time while ensuring the interconnection with the supermarkets’ cash system and enabling secure Chip & Pin transactions, with the technical support provided by specialized Help Desk.

Furthermore, SIA’s POS terminals are fully integrated with loyalty programs offered by all four Greek systemic banks.

“Our cooperation with Market In fully reflects SIA’s vision for advanced payments infrastructure and innovation. The agreement confirms SIA’s leading position in payments along with its positioning as a major technology and infrastructure partner for Greek businesses. Such projects will further enhance the efforts made in Greece to fully modernize payments system and introduce a new culture of digital and instant payments” commented Espen Tranoy, Managing Director New SIA Greece.

“This new agreement with SIA will help us ensure faster and secure transactions to all our retail clients. We stand at the threshold of a new era in payments and having SIA as an important ally will allow us to make major steps in the future” said George Chatziandreou, IT Director at Market In.

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