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Carthago – Driven by adventure

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Drawing from Carthago’s premium DNA, the all-new model from Germany’s leading motorhome manufacturer is ready explore roads less travelled  

Carthago Reisemobilbau GmbH was founded in Germany in 1979 by Karl-Heinz Schuler. Still run by Schuler, the group now employs 1,400 people and is one of Europe’s leading luxury motorhome manufacturers. Central to the brand is its expertise in the manufacture of A-Class motorhomes, from the Carthago c-compactline, to the liner-for-two. The company headquarters – Carthago City in Aulendorf, Southern Germany – is among the most state-of-the-art motorhome manufacturing facilities in Europe. Numerous national and international awards underline the pioneering spirit which has seen Carthago occupy a leading position in the industry for many years. So, there is good reason why the company slogan is “Carthago – das Reisemobil”, which means “THE Motorhome” since all Carthago motorhomes share the same premium DNA.

The Schuler family, Sabrina, Karl-Heinz, and Sebastian are at the helm of Carthago Reisemobilbau GmbH

The perfect combination 

Carthago’s premium DNA is a synonym for Carthago’s unique overall vehicle concept: innovative thinking, an eye for detail, extravagant solutions and a constant focus on development. The company strive for the perfect combination of high-tech lightweight materials and pioneering spirit in each and every motorhome. The Carthago premium DNA is their value promise to every customer, and is what distinguishes these superb vehicles from other motorhomes.

For Carthago, only the best is good enough when it comes to comfort and safety. For example, the materials used and the advanced joining techniques are similar to those used in aircraft technology for weight and stability advantages.

Carthago founder Karl-Heinz Schuler puts it like this: “In every Carthago motorhome you will find the unique liner premium class construction techniques. It’s a family likeness without compromises. I ensure this added value promise with my name.”

This is how Carthago can offer its customers the highest degree of durability and value retention, comfort, safety and security. It’s what makes every Carthago motorhome special. Thus, every Carthago is a synonym for exclusivity and quality. 

The all-new c-tourer I/T 145 RB LE 

Carthago lives up to this premium claim with its new model, the c-tourer I/T 145 RB LE which offers maximum comfort, exclusive Liner genes and all within a compact vehicle length of just 7 metres and light vehicle weight. Another highlight in this model are the cosy lengthways single beds, up to two metres in length. Ahead is a large luxury bathroom with separate shower, spacious comfort corner kitchen and below is Carthago’s unique double floor with large storage compartment. The new c-tourer I / T 145 RB delivers maximum travel comfort.

Further information
Find out more at www.carthago.com/en/ and across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube 

Main image: The c-tourer I/T 145 RB LE is the latest edition to the Carthago line

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