18 May 2024

Travel Eye Masks for a First-Class Sleep Experience

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Getting a good night’s sleep can be hard enough to do at home, let alone while you’re travelling.  In today’s device-focused world, our exposure to light has drastically changed from the natural rhythms our ancestors experienced. With screens glowing and buzzing around the clock, it’s no wonder our sleep patterns can suffer

While some frequent fliers are lucky and can doze off anywhere, others need a little help to catch some in-flight ZZZs. For light sleepers, an eye mask can make all the difference and turn a red-eye nightmare into a restful journey. We’ve found a variety of sleep and eye masks from 10 of the leading brands to suit every trip and budget.

ZEBRA SILK EYE MASK – £35, Sara Miller London

This lightly cushioned, silk eye mask has striking zebras amongst tropical palms – perfect for exotic journeys – and can be handwashed. It comes wrapped and presented in a foil pressed gift box.

Get it from Sara Miller London

TURTLE CONSERVATION EYE MASK – £27, Elizabeth Scarlett

Featuring delicate embroidery onto a luxurious soft base, this eye mask is filled with sweet lavender to help you drift away into a dreamy night’s sleep. What’s more, £2.10 from every goes towards protecting turtle hatchlings.

Get it from Elizabeth Scarlett


Inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this cashmere eye mask is billed as a “first-class travel companion” and comes with a woven cashmere case.

Get it from Olivia von Halle

MIDNIGHT BLUE – £69, Drowsy

This multi-award-winning, unisex silk eye mask bills itself as the ideal companion for uninterrupted sleep. It features “big, squishy, cloud-like padding” and a total black-out design.

Get it from Drowsy

SNOOZEBAND DELUXE – around £60, SnoozeBand

Described as a luxurious sleep mask, the  SnoozeBand has 4mm built-in Bluetooth speakers and smart shut-down timers, which the brand says will help you “drift off to dreamland faster than ever before”.

Get it from SnoozeBand


Versace’s iconic Medusa Head black and gold motif decorates this statement sleep mask, which is, as you would expect, made in Italy. Machine washable and 100% outer cotton.

Get it from Fartech

LUXURY SLEEP MASK – £65, Masters of Mayfair

A sleep mask that is said to be used frequently in first class cabins and private jets worldwide. These are infused with lavender to aid sleep and “provide an extra level of relaxation”, whether at home or for travel. Comes in different colours.

Get it from Masters of Mayfair

BAMBOO EYE MASK – around £17, Panda London

For travellers who take their sleep seriously, the Panda Bamboo Sleep Eye Mask is said to be the “ultimate accessory to shut out ambient light and set you up for a lovely long sleep”. Made from 100% bamboo, inside and out. Naturally breathable and hypoallergenic.

Get it from Panda London

MANTA PRO SLEEP MASK – £79, Manta Sleep

Billed as the most advanced sleep mask on the planet, the Manta Pro is a 100% blackout eye mask that claims to use advanced materials and ventilation for “unmatched breathability”.

Get it from Manta Sleep

GOLDEN LILY LAVENDER EYE MASK – £14, William Morris At Home

This velvet eye mask is filled with fragrant lavender flowers and is designed to “help block out the light and soothe the mind whilst resting”. Every purchase helps support the William Morris Gallery in London – Morris’ childhood home – which holds the largest collection of the artist’s work in the world. Cruelty free and vegan friendly, and comes in a matching, plastic-free box printed with soy-based eco-inks.

Get it from William Morris At Home

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