18 June 2024

Five young speakers to watch out for at the Blockchain Summit London 2019

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The Blockchain Summit is coming up in less than two weeks, providing guests the opportunity to learn more at the leading blockchain for business events in Europe. The two day conference, happening on the 26th to the 27th of June, is dedicated to the blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) industries.

100 industry leading speakers will be sharing insights & their expertise in the conference, which includes roundtable discussions, exhibitor demo talks, keynote presentations and panel debates. Here are five rising stars that are ready to make a long-lasting impact to the world.

Photo from Medium/Authority Magazine


Smit’s work has just begun. Having founded DOVU, a blockchain-based reward platform for the mobility sector in 2016 and MintBit, a boutique consultancy specialising in blockchain identity in 2018, she also mentors young and thriving minds at the London Business School, Rotterdam School of Management and Berkeley University. Smit is all about paying it forward as she is also currently a volunteer history teacher at the Access Project, where she helps students get into top-ranked universities. To be empowering takes global guts, and clearly, Smit’s got it.

Photo from Quora

(Founder & CEO, TechHQ)

A prime but well-experienced young professional, Pereira has carried on roles as a disruptive innovation advisor, a tech consultant. a startup founder and CTO. Additionally, Pereira co-founded Clicky, the first in-text content discovery platform that allows online audiences to discover relative content in an interactive native format. He also made it to the Top 100 Innovators in 2016 for Innovation Circle, a Portuguese television show powered by Media & Telecommunication companies in Portugal.


Photo from YouTube

(Founder and Director, Cassiopeia Services)

This shopaholic’s got confessions – and no, it’s not her credit card’s dues. Stefania Barbaglio is director and founder of Cassiopeia Services, a boutique Investors Relations and Public Relations consultancy firm that focuses on maximising the company’s communication & relations with investors. She also serves as a Director of REPX, a tech company in London that specialises in global operations and products on managing online reputation and digital identities. At one point, she was also a reporter and became a talk show host for the FinancialFox TV show and has worked as a media editor and producer. A long string of achievements won’t stop Barbaglio from hustling.

Photo from Medium

(Co-Founder, Insolar)

This math wizard, who graduated Top 5% of his class in uni, has made the most of his analytical and critical thinking skills as a co-founder of global tech company Insolar and Instamart, one of the largest online grocery delivery companies in Eastern Europe. Fedchenkov is an MBA degree holder from Harvard Business School and teaches a class on retail at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Screencap photo from Blockchain Summit London

(Investor Relations & Marketing, Silver 8 Capital)

Geography and climate change are two passions Colin Go has but his calling in blockchains and cryptocurrencies brought him to Silver 8 Capital’s office in Madrid, where he sits as an officer in Investor Relations and Marketing. Go has worked for a global executive search form specialising in C-Suite Technology placements as well as a capital instruction firm.

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