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Messe Frankfurt – the partner of choice for event formats of all kinds

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Messe Frankfurt

The world’s highest-grossing organiser with its own exhibition grounds

Messe Frankfurt concentrate their host expertise in the Locations business field. Every year, their exhibition grounds in the heart of Frankfurt play host to some 280 guest events. Be they congresses, exhibitions, concerts or other events, they can accommodate event formats of all kinds and sizes with highly flexible and attractive locations. 400,237 square metres of hall area, 59,506 square metres of outdoor areas and more than 90 congress and conference halls are available. Everything within easy reach, perfectly developed infrastructure with 250 hotels.

The Messe Frankfurt Group’s strategic orientation is determined by its sustainable business practices

Messe Frankfurt’s declared goal is to shape the future of the company responsibly. We are continuing to expand on our well-established CSR activities, initiating new developments wherever it makes sense to do so. Our aim is to take an increasingly value-oriented approach – for our customers, for our shareholders, for society in general and, of course, for our workforce.

Ethical principles, fairness, legal compliance and voluntary commitments serve as a guide to our successful business activities. Guidelines and best practices are the cornerstones of our compliance management work. Compliance is part of our Code of Conduct.

Messe Frankfurt to switch over entirely to renewable energy

As of event year 2020, Messe Frankfurt will be changing over completely to green power, sourcing 100 percent of its electricity from renewable energy. This includes the power supply for the stands, halls and exhibition grounds at the company’s Frankfurt base. For Messe Frankfurt, the world’s largest trade fair organiser with its own exhibition grounds, the move away from conventional energy sources is a further milestone in implementing its long-term strategic measures in the field of sustainability. This means that Messe Frankfurt is setting the pace for German trade fair companies in this regard as well. The company’s cooperation partner is Frankfurt-based energy service provider Mainova AG.

Messe Frankfurt expands electromobility on the exhibition grounds

Messe Frankfurt Group deploys StreetScooter for zero-emission deliveries on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds. The electric vehicles are being used for Messe Frankfurt exhibitors and visitors as part of a two-year trial.

The Frankfurt exhibition grounds are a ‘city within a city’. With an area the size of 90 football pitches containing eleven exhibition halls, more than 90 congress and conference rooms and 26 restaurants, services such as stand construction, visitor marketing and catering ensure that a large number of deliveries are needed – and not only when international flagship fairs are taking place. Thanks to the acquisition of three ‘StreetScooter’ electric transport vehicles, it will be possible to make some of these deliveries ‘all-electric’, without any vehicle emissions whatsoever. As Uwe Behm, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt, puts it: “Now, carpeting, signage and even break-time snacks can be moved around the exhibition grounds in a climate-neutral manner by Messe Frankfurt’s service partners. With the deployment of StreetScooters, the company has made an investment in the improvement of its ecological footprint.”










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