24 April 2024

Decoding digital transformation

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*Above | From Left: Chetan Khare, Prasanna Rege and Devendra Abhyankar, Founders of Intellore

As we know, the primary goal of any enterprise is to create value for stakeholders, deliver value to the end user and to make money. Many enterprises employ traditional business models, which are being challenged by digital insurgents who are introducing disruptive business models centred around the use of data. So, what is it that these digital insurgents are doing differently that is making them successful? They are looking at digital as an enabler and data as the new fuel, while keeping the users at the centre of their strategy.

For instance, Oyo, which was launched in 2013, revolutionised the fragmented and legacy-driven budget hospitality space in India by standardising services, amenities and in-room experience through its proprietary apps. These apps map the entire value chain management from inventory, room-service, revenue and customer-relationship. At the core of this business model is data supported by scientific algorithms that decide pricing and help highlight areas with high demand.

For senior executives (CXOs), the problem is manifold where transformation requires not just digital transformation but also business transformation, which includes long, drawn out actions such as changing the DNA of the organisation.

Intellore has had CXOs approach them because Intellore understands what it takes to achieve a digital transformation vision. Equipped with some of the best talent in the industry Intellore offers agility and flexible engineering capacity to accommodate a tactical initial experimental phase to a more strategic end-to-end digital transformation. Intellore’s differentiated portfolio of services from embedded, software, mobility, cloud to data analytics gives CXOs everything that’s needed under a single roof.

Intellore’s roadmap to digital transformation

Breaking up the journey

Intellore believes that any digital transformation journey can be broken down using Six Sigma principles. The journey starts with defining a business problem, converting that to a statistical problem with the help of data, obtaining a statistical solution and finally converting that back to a business solution.

Intellore’s involvement starts with making data available by connecting edge devices or sensors using various wired and wireless technologies and further extending it to public or private networks. The data can then be integrated through a variety of gateways into central locations securely via clouds, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, MindSphere using software development stacks such as WAMP, LAMP, MEAN.

The next step is to conduct analytics on the data which involves descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analysis to facilitate data driven decisions or, as Intellore calls it, a statistical solution. Data analytics backed with rich visualisations using mobile and web technologies, provides rich insight about the data. This empowers enterprises to embark on the four phases of Industry 4.0 evolution as highlighted in the World Economic Forum’s 2015 study “Industrial Internet of Things: Unleashing the Potential of Connected Products and Services”. The four phases are: operational efficiency, new products and services, outcome economy and autonomous pull economy.

Intellore is currently working with Animus Ventures – a startup that is disrupting the personal healthcare space through its integrated holistic healthcare delivery system Scio.

Scio is improving the healthcare space by moving from a current transactional to a value-based outcome for consumers by offering a proprietary unified, integrated and comprehensive ecosystem. This encompasses every aspect of an individual’s healthcare requirements by using futuristic diagnostic devices, simplified user-experience, periodic intervention, health insurance and artificial intelligence/machine learning for data analytics.

The key to success in this competitive environment is collaborating with partners who understand the nuances of digital transformation. Make the leap faster with the right partners.

About Intellore

Founded by Chetan Khare, Prasanna Rege and Devendra Abhyankar and based in Pune, India Intellore provides differentiated technology services offering flexible engineering capacity with a focus on Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

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