25 May 2024

An Introduction to Blockchain Technology by Finov8

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Business Information

• Business Name: Finov8 Consultancy Services Limited.
• Business Address: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London. EC1V 2NX.
• Email: info@finov8.co.uk
• Tel: +44 (0) 203 368 8110


Finov8 is a start-up blockchain technology company established to help new and existing organisations launch a business idea using Blockchain. Given the growing prevalence and importance of Blockchain technology, the trend for organisations to raise funds through ICO and the absence of knowledge of the technology in the marketplace, we are here to facilitate an organisations journey from initial business conceptualisation to delivery of a solution to the market.


We are at the dawn of Blockchain technology revolution and cryptocurrencies are set to become a way in which specific goods and services are traded within some of the most innovative organisations. ICOs are the way in which these organisations seek funding and are the gateway for many new and exciting ideas to come to life using the technology. However, it is important for the continued presence of the ICO market that business ideas that launch ICOs are legitimised for the use of the blockchain technology, as there are many incidents where businesses are simply using the ICO as a convenient vehicle to getting cheap money. Finov8 was formed to ensure businesses that want to launch an ICO are qualified and prepared for the market.


To act as the responsible custodian in the blockchain market, ensuring that our client’s ideas are developed and their reputations are protected.

Core Values

• To ensure a business idea is legitimised in the Blockchain landscape
• To cooperate with our clients to ensure their business idea has appropriate and justifiable use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency
• To present a compelling solution to the crypto community for contribution and participation
• To support our clients in the delivery of their solution to market

Scope of Work

For many of our clients, the journey starts with acquiring funding and capital to launch the business. Finov8 will take a valid business idea, develop that idea into a blockchain capable proposition and present it to the community through an ICO. Our unique collaborative end-to-end approach is what sets us apart from our competition. Beyond raising the money to launch a business, Finov8 will support its clients’ in the implementation of the solution from a technology perspective, helping them build decentralised applications or APIs and assisting with hosting or any other IT services.

Finov8 will take an idea from inception or validation – we will work with an organisation to define the scope, the use of blockchain and the role of cryptocurrency in their business.

Finov8 will build and market the proposition – making it a compelling and investable business for the crypto community.

Finov8 will create the whitepaper, manage the review process with advisors and specialists, create a brand and logo, build a web presence and manage the PR and marketing strategy beyond.

Finov8 will deliver the solution to market, where an organisation needs assistance in developing a blockchain solution.

Further Information



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