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GECF joins IEA-IEF-OPEC Symposium on Energy Outlooks

Automated energy infrastructures

Eco Wave Power wins the Smart Port Challenge in Morocco

Social Energy receives significant investment to pursue rapid growth of its cleantech business in UK, Australia and new markets

Pipeline Hard Spots: Eddyfi Technologies Presents Spyne™, the Proven Solution for In-Ditch Detection

Competition launches to spark innovation in water sector

Driving startups to success

Making the right connection

Get on board with green hydrogen

Does the EU carbon market have the right policy for cars?

The EU is considering a climate target for every decade

EU states ‘highly concerned’ by U.S. stance

Anticipated launch of hydrogen investment fund by energy industry veterans

Renewable energy shares in Germany rise

With EU support’s clean technology projects are lining up

Energy industry perceive a strong demand post-COVID

Oil draws back after reaching highest since March

Making Green Drive Irreversible

EU Countries are pushing for clean Hydrogen Support

Countries say gas deserves help as EU readies ‘green recovery’ fund

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