18 May 2024

These Luxury Glamping Domes Offer an Unprecedented Dark Starry Sky Experience

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It’s the ultimate room with a view – all 527,000,000,000,000,000 miles of them

A luxury stargazing resort where guests can gaze into the Andromeda Galaxy without the need for a telescope opens its doors in the US this summer.

The Clear Sky Resorts Bryce Canyon is nestled in the “world’s last grand sanctuary” of natural darkness, where thousands of stars up to 2.2million light years away can be spotted with the naked eye.

Nestled in an 80-acre private canyon in Utah, the resort – the first of its kind in the United States – will have 62 private glass domes with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, plush interiors, and designer bathrooms with rainfall shower systems.

The 26-foot-high domes are also climate controlled, boast blackout privacy curtains, handy kitchenettes, and comfy beds on which guests can feats on one of the clearest night skies anywhere in the world.

Other amenities include stargazing tours, outdoor pursuits, yoga classes, and a restaurant housed in one of the largest glass domes in the United States.

Hal Feinberg, of Clear Sky Resorts, said: “With the glass, it literally takes the wow factor, and it puts it up here on a level you’ve never seen. You will feel like you’re sleeping in an aquarium of stars.”

The resort, in Cannonville, around 15 minutes’ drive from the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park, is set to open on 1st August. This makes it the ideal spot to watch the Perseids Meteor Shower later that month.

Clear Sky Resorts Bryce Canyon will be the second Clear Sky Resort in the US, following the opening of Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon.

Both are certified ‘International Dark Sky Parks’, which means they are protected environments offering clear sky vistas without excessive light pollution.

The Clear Sky Resorts team added: “This is where natural beauty meets modern comfort.

“As the first resort of its kind in the US, Clear Sky Resorts delivers a unique experience with geodesic Sky Dome lodging, nighttime stargazing and lots of fun activities for the whole family.”

Images © Clear Sky Resorts Bryce Canyon

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