16 June 2024

Daysoft celebrates one billion sales milestone

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Daysoft continues to re-write playbook in vision care industry as it celebrates one billion sales milestone

Direct-to-customer contact lens company daysoft® celebrated St Andrews Day yesterday by announcing its one billionth daily-disposable contact lens, signalling a new chapter in the company’s extraordinary history.

Having sustained widespread criticism from across the optical industry for more than a decade due to effects from its unique business-model, daysoft® is now turning to the growing global demand for affordable vision care.

The World Health Organisation recently claimed that 2.2 billion people (27.5% of the global population) live with vision impairment and a recent SkyQuestt report has estimated that the global contact lens market will grow by 5.9% by 2028, valuing at $14.01 billion.

In the UK a recent survey conducted by the Association of Optometrists found that 36% of British adults are wearing out-of-date prescriptions because of the financial strain caused by the cost-of-living crisis.

daysoft® produces and sells the world’s most affordable contact lens which is priced at 20 pence per lens.

It’s estimated that the company has saved people who have switched to daysoft® from other suppliers more than £200 million in total.

Operating out of a single facility in Blantyre, Scotland, the family-run firm provides over 100,000 people in 93 countries around the world with contact lens replacements every day.

daysoft® have built a loyal customer base with around 95% of orders being return customers.

To put customers in control when ordering their contact lenses daysoft® provides a no-quibble money-back guarantee and has a 24/7 customer care team for its more than one million customers.

Roy Hamilton, the inventor of the first daily-disposable contact lens, founded daysoft® with his wife Moya in 2001 with the motivation of driving down the costs on the consumer.

The recipient of the one billionth lens who wants to remain anonymous is based in County Durham and is one of hundreds of thousands of UK customers.

Ron and Moya are now turning their attention towards the US market which was daysoft®’s fastest-growing market this past year.

On the milestone, Ron said:

Ron Hamilton, inventor of the first daily-disposable contact lens and founder of daysoft®

“We see today’s news as justification for our mission to lower the costs on everyday families that are currently having to decide between their vision care products and putting food on the table. We will continue to innovate our product and our manufacturing process to reduce the financial burden on people.”

“For the last 20 years, we have gotten used to being underestimated by the industry, but the sale of our one billionth feels like a culmination of a life’s work. It’s a statement to other suppliers that daysoft® is not going away anytime soon.”

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