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New luxury bag makes business travel a joy

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A handmade solution to travelling with your trilby, fedora or Panama hat

Travelling with a hat is a first-world problem for gentlemen. He has nowhere to put it, resulting in lots of valuable hats tending to get lost at the airport, as men are left with two options: to either wear them as they travel or put them down, often walking off without them and waving goodbye to them forever.

Currently, there is no product to provide a solution to this first-world problem. Choice is minimal with them either having to buy a cheap backpack-style holdall or a cumbersome women’s hat box, which leaves no suitable option for the stylish man.

A first-class solution

HatBag is stylish, exclusive, handmade leather bag that can carefully house a travelling gentleman’s hat. HatBag is the perfect size for a trilby, fedora or Panama. HatBag, pioneered by an English designer with an Italian craftsmanship, is providing this first-class solution to a first-world problem.

Handcrafted from Italian leather, the HatBag is the perfect solution for stylish men who enjoy luxury travel and already have everything.

RRP: £490. Available at HatBag

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