20 May 2024

August expands for space and luxury

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Europe’s fastest growing co-ownership vacation home model responds to increased demand and popularity in UK

Europe’s innovative co-ownership vacation home company, August, has announced the addition of new properties to its platform. August offers a modern way to buy and own vacation homes, and the launch of the new Premium Collection comes after the successful sell-out of the Signature and City collections of homes throughout 2021 – in destinations including the French Riviera, Cotswolds, Mallorca, and the French Alps. 

Since its inception in 2019, August has revolutionised the way vacation homes are owned throughout Europe. Offering families from all over the world the chance to own a 1/21 share of five exceptional vacation homes instead of just one, the platform offers a convenient and cost-effective way to invest in a world-class holiday home experience.

“We are pleased at the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the August model of holiday home ownership,” said Nico Watzenig, Co-Founder and Chair of August. “Seeing such tremendous demand proves that we are offering the innovation needed in the holiday home market. The August community has grown exponentially, drawn to a model that eliminates the obstacles and enhances the enjoyment of holiday time with family and friends in beautiful, maintenance-free homes. A vision brought to life through the culmination of the August team and our technology-enabled platform.”

All-round package  
The August team consists of experts in finance, interior design, real estate, and travel. Simplifying the co-owning experience for buyers provides a unique opportunity to stay in a collection of five remarkable destinations for less than the price of owning just one holiday home. In addition, August eliminates many of the costly, time-consuming, and frustrating aspects of buying, renovating, and maintaining a vacation home abroad. 

“In the age of the shared economy, we are thrilled to continue adding to our inventory of co-owned home collections for modern passionate travellers looking for their second-home abroad,” said Mélie Dunod, Co-Founder and CEO of August. “Providing buyers with the best luxury homes with local charm in the world’s most sought-after destinations is at the core of our model. From the beaches of the French Riviera to the bustling streets of Barcelona, we believe we are revolutionising the way people own and experience holiday homes.”

About the collections 
August allows buyers access to a collection of stylish properties, ideally situated in carefully selected and coveted destinations, for a fraction of the cost of second home ownership. 

Due to an increased demand for homes offering more space and exceptional interiors, August is launching the Premium Collection. Set in the most idyllic European neighbourhoods of the French Riviera, the French Alps, the Cotswolds, Mallorca, and Tuscany, the collection offers villas, farmhouses, and a chalet of four to five bedrooms, with expansive space and the highest level of finish. The starting price for this collection is €590,000, plus maintenance fees of €1,100 per month.

The City Collection consists of unique apartments and villas, perfect for those who value the ease of convenience in five of Europe’s most desirable destinations: Cannes, Chamonix, Barcelona, Mallorca, and Tuscany. Each property in the City Collection features two to three bedrooms, accommodating four to six guests. Pricing begins at €210,000, plus maintenance fees of €450 per month. 

Signature Collection includes homes full of charm and authentic features in the same sought-after destinations as the Premium collection. Combining space and privacy in beautifully designed properties, this collection offers homes with three to four bedrooms, accommodating six to eight guests. Pricing begins at €355,000, plus maintenance fees of €750 per month.

The August model
August purchases, renovates, interior designs, maintains, and manages homes for co-owners. Buying with August means buying into a collection of five properties with a one-time fee beginning at £175,000 – a fraction of the cost of second home ownership. Locations are carefully-selected in sought-after European destinations, with plans to expand into additional geographic locations as demand grows. Expansion is already taking place in Barcelona, Marbella and Paris. 

The five homes within each collection are shared across 21 like-minded families with similar vacation ideals—clients can reserve their vacation time in their preferred home through the August booking system. Access to the properties is split between families through an app-based “points” system. Each co-owner is guaranteed access to the homes for an average of 12 weeks per year. In addition to the one-time purchase cost, an ongoing annual fee is paid by each owner to cover all maintenance for the properties. 

All August properties – whether an apartment, villa, or house – are beautifully crafted by top interior designers and architects and are maintained and serviced to the very highest standard. When visiting an August home, co-owners are greeted with the same convenience as a hotel, all included within the annual fee. 

August is for people who love travelling yet appreciate the comfort of feeling at home without the hassle of always finding new accommodation for each trip. With August’s network of experts, co-owners never have to worry about the taxes, finances or any legal aspects involved with owning a home abroad. 

Further information 

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