18 May 2024

Your gateway to the Costa Smeralda

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As the destination of choice for the global elite the Costa Smeralda needs no introduction – and Eccelsa Aviation is ready to welcome you in style

 In the early 1960s, His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, set about creating what would soon become one of the world’s most remarkable travel destinations – the Costa Smeralda. His vision was grand and ambitious and the reality does not disappoint. 

The Costa Smeralda has indeed become a Mediterranean oasis of luxurious residences, otherworldly hotels and incredible beaches – and serving its clientele’s private aviation requirements is Eccelsa Aviation. 

Based out of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, Eccelsa Aviation is the only fixed base operator (FBO) for the destination. So, whether visiting the Costa’s most prestigious villas, its hotels or heading to their super yachts at the Marina di Olbia, the global elite know that with Eccelsa Aviation comfort, reliability and convenience come as standard.  

Eccelsa Aviation’s terminal is an architectural masterpiece in its own right, with clean, sleek lines that seem to swoop skyward like giant wings. As passengers relax in the cocoon-like comfort of the terminal, natural light floods in, creating a sense of absolute peace and privacy. In the evening, the beautifully designed lighting creates a tranquil ambience as you prepare for your flight. 

Eccelsa Aviation is entirely controlled by the airport management company Geasar SpA. This premium service provider has fully embraced its role by combining total professionalism with an effortless charm – years of experience liaising with discerning, and often celebrity, clients. Eccelsa Aviation are driven by what they describe as a “culture of service”. The fifty-strong team is adept at finding solutions to any problems should they arise, no matter how strange.  

“We cherish all those visiting the Costa Smerelda, as they play a huge role in supporting our local economy. We look forward to welcoming them each year and it is the least we can do to ensure a smooth, comfortable and seamless transit,” says Francesco Cossu, Eccelsa GM. 

The Eccelsa Aviation terminal covers over 4,000 square metres, and includes numerous ways for clients to relax during their transit. The luxurious terminal includes a coffee shop, and a bar that serves food all day long – so a delicious regional dish, a good glass of wine or local spumante is never far away. 

The terminal is a glittering symphony of steel, glass and beautiful local granite that absorbs the Sardinian sunshine. But there is one feature that makes it absolutely unique among European operations: a formidable “outer wing” that allows guests to enter and exit the terminal directly from their aircraft. On rare occasions, they will be driven a short distance between the terminal and the aircraft in a sleek Audi, while Eccelsa’s expert team handles the luggage. 

This terminal even accommodates executive B737s and A319 and A320s. The nearest thing there is to an airborne villa, these giants of the sky have hundreds of square metres of cabin space, which can include three bedrooms, numerous bathrooms, a lounge, and office. So clients can make the ultimate international flights straight the The Eccelsa Aviation terminal. 

Aerial view of Grande Pevero Beach in Costa Smeralda,North Sardinia,Porto Cervo

Making your trip special 
The terminal’s concierge service can organise everything visitors require to make their stay a perfect one: horse trekking, private aircraft or helicopters, Ferrari, Bentley or Aston Martin rentals. Even yacht charters, either bare-boat or with a skipper and crew. Eccelsa, through its sister company Cortesa, also provides first class in-flight catering, offering a mouth-watering menu ranging from simple sandwiches to succulent lobster, local Sardinian specialities and fine wines.

July and August are the most popular months in the Costa Smeralda, which is why the privacy, security, and comfort provided by Eccelsa Aviation are so appealing to the global clientele in these busy months. 

Eccelsa has an agreement with Olbia Airport’s maintenance team to deliver first-class ground assistance, integrated services for flight crews and the option for aircraft to remain in the hangars for the length of their stay in Olbia. Air taxi companies and their crews will also be well looked after, as these now account for up to 60% of traffic coming into Olbia Costa Smeralda. 

Eccelsa Aviation may not be the reason why the global elite visit the incredible Costa Smeralda, but it certainly makes the stay all the more special. This beautiful part of Sardinia is where friendly locals welcome visitors for the summer season. And those that use Eccelsa for their private aviation needs, will be sure to return time and time again.

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