13 April 2024

In control through turbulent times 

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The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands has continued to deliver service excellence to its clients and partners despite the upheaval of the global health pandemic 

The Cayman Islands recognises the tremendous impact that Covid-19 has had on the global aviation industry, and its government took similar steps to other jurisdictions by closing its borders in March 2020 and implementing restrictions on international air transport. A phased approach has been adopted to re-open the borders since September 2021.

However, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) was in an enviable position during the height of the pandemic, demonstrating resilience to the impact of restrictive travel through its globally accessible record management system, VP-C Online. Business continuity provisions afforded staff to work effectively in remote settings and this was beneficial when offices had to close. Regulatory oversight of aircraft and organisations were adapted to include internet-based meetings, accomplishing regulatory oversight obligations and using performance-based risk analysis solutions for continuity of Certificates and Approvals.

Secure management 
In addition, the CAACI has a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel based in key regions who were able to offer regional support when international travel was curtailed. 

While borders remained closed, VP-C Online proved beneficial for keeping CAACI’s industry partners up to date on all registration matters. VP-C Online provides a secure way to manage aircraft documents including applications (starting with the aircraft registration application), certificates, approvals. It proved a convenient and secure way for registrants to apply for authorisations and certificates required for continuing airworthiness, licensing and operations. The ability for globally based clients to file applications 24/7 from any timezone around the world is a significant benefit. This secure portal is also a repository for all submitted technical and supporting documentation. Registrants can check the status of applications and re-print certificates or authorisations should the need arise.

Transitioning projects for leased aircraft between jurisdictions has been very active throughout the pandemic, requiring cooperation with other National Aviation Authorities and close coordination between industry partners that facilitated a large number of aircraft exports. The pandemic has placed significant demands on the aviation industry and the CAACI used careful and novel project management initiatives to secure positive outcomes commensurate with Lessors operational objectives. 

This focus on quality service and flexibility positions the CAACI and the Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry (CIAR) to continue to distinguish the Cayman Islands’ aviation regulatory and registration offerings from others. The CIAR remains committed to offering a personal, responsive, high-quality service to clients and partners and to finding innovative and efficient solutions to the needs of those they serve.

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